Albanian MFA: Everyone should remain calm and the anti-Albanian rhetoric must stop

Tirana, 7 March, 2017 - 16:55 (META) 

“The Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regrets and condemns today’s attack on the Museum of the Albanian alphabet in Bitola, on this remarkable day for the Albanian language and all Albanians”, said the reaction issued by the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reports a Meta correspondent in Tirana.

The Ministry demands that the Macedonian authorities quickly resolve the barbaric act and to punish the people responsible.

“The consecutive attacks on the Museum are clear evidence of the need for more effective protection of this common heritage from the competent authorities”, said the press release by the Albanian MFA.

The Albanian MFA has called upon all sides to remain calm and to stop the anti-Albanian rhetoric.

“We urge all parties to remain calm and stop the rhetoric against the Albanians, which aims only at distracting attention from the country’s real problems, damages interethnic relations in the country and its Euro-Atlantic path”, said the statement further.

They also said that they “believe that these attacks are actions of a small group of people driven by extreme nationalist sentiment, fear, lack of information and the harmful rhetoric of recent years.”

“We would like to emphasize that the history, traditions, language and culture of the Albanian people are an added value for our neighbors in Macedonia and that their protection indicates high democratic and humanitarian values. Albania and the Albanians have been and will continue to be lasting friends of Macedonia. We believe in coexistence, harmony and cooperation values among our countries and citizens”, added the statement.