Veles: Ten villages cut-off from civilization and the budget

Veles, 25 December, 2015 - 9:37 (META) 

Cut off from civilization in the 21st century, there are almost ten thousand inhabitants of the villages of Veles. For years have been asking for the dirt roads to be paved which is meant to be planned in the Municipalities budget.

They were planned in the annual budget. Instead of 16.800.000 denars for the construction and reconstruction of the roads and streets, local government for the nine months of this year, have only spent four million denars.

Why have they not fulfilled the promises made to the citizens and where is the money which was allocated for the construction of these roads?

Gruevski visited the villages Morane, Studenichani and Dolno Kolichani

Skopje, 23 August, 2015 - 14:47 (META) 

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski accompanied the Minister of Transport Vlado Misajlovski, deputy Education Minister Spiro Ristovski, the mayor of Skopje Koce Trajanovski and directors of several public bodies, visited the villages Morane, Studenichani and Dolno Kolichani.

During the visit the residents asked of the Prime Minister to extend the public transit bus lines to the center of Morane, while Trajanovski was tasked to implement that change in the shortest term possible.

Theese meetings resulted with a task for the Ministry of Transport to help the Studenichani municipality to build a filter station and to fix the problem with the frequent stops in the supply of electricity.

The residents of Dolno Kolichani asked for a road connecetion with the rest of the municipality and to get a better water supply.

Prime Minister Gruevski also visited Ljubosh, Batinci and Cvetoto and heard the problems of the residents there. He announced that he will consider their requests and try to fulfill them.