Zaev in video address: My people, it is time to be brave, we decide!

Skopje, 12 September, 2018 - 16:16 (META) 

My people, it’s time to be brave and look to the future, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said in a video address to citizens regarding the upcoming referendum on September 30th, the government’s press service reported.

“Today, when we stand together before the biggest challenge in the history of our country, we have the unique chance to seize this historic opportunity. This second referendum will consolidate our independence, so say yes, for a stable and secure future for the future in Europe . On September 30th, in the referendum, we decide. Our path is not easy, but we know what we are getting. We know that we are our own, Macedonians who speak a recognized Macedonian language, citizens who opt for a better life, with higher incomes, and better jobs. All this in our beautiful Macedonia, safe, secure, peaceful, friendly and stable. European, “says Zaev.

In the negotiations and the agreement, Zaev added, we preserved our language and nationality, our culture, we saved our history. According to him, a successful referendum will forever ensure our future.

“This historical moment is greater than us, our parties, quarrels or personal interests. We have to work for a future for our children. Let’s all go and vote on the referendum, for a European Macedonia,” Zaev concludes.

Shekerinska: Macedonia will receive NATO invitation while sitting at the table with world powers

Skopje, 10 July, 2018 - 18:17 (META) 

Defense Minister Radmila Shekerinska speaking before the NATO summit in Brussels addressed the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia with a video message.

In the video statement Minister Shekerinska emphasized that Macedonia will sit at the same table with world powers in the next two days, and that it will officially receive an invitation to join NATO.

“We missed this chance in 2008 and since then things have gone wrong. We have seen what it means to live in an uncertain country and in an unstable region. We have passed through many crises, and the state stagnated in all areas. Dear fellow citizens, in the past 10 years, one thing has become clear – without clear perspectives for NATO and EU membership, the future of Macedonia is uncertain. NATO membership is a historic opportunity that we must now utilise. Thus, the Republic of Macedonia will become a partner and ally with the most powerful countries in the world. NATO membership will bring stability and security for the Republic of Macedonia and its citizens. But it will also bring a chance for faster economic development and prosperity”, said the minister.

Shekerinska stressed that major changes have taken place, bringing big steps forward, and difficult problems have been solved.

“We have made major reforms, we have solved serious problems. We have shown that Macedonia can do better. I am proud of what we have achieved, we are moving forward”, she said in her video address.