New US Ambassador, Kate Byrnes about the disappointment with Ivanov and the occurrences on April 27th

Skopje, 8 November, 2018 - 22:50 (META) 

The new US ambassador Kate Marie Byrnes who was proposed by President Donald Trump and whose appointment will have to be confirmed by the Senate is coming from Athens, where she works as the deputy ambassador, and as the US representative to OSCE in Vienna has already commented on  events and the situation in the country.

In may last year, as the US representative to OSCE, Byrnes said that the US had called on authorities in Macedonia to take steps to ensure the safety of all members of Parliament, to investigate the attacks which occurred in Parliament on the 27th of April thoroughly and to find those responsible for organizing and ordering the attack.

– The United States calls on the authorities of Macedonia to take steps to ensure the security of all members of Parliament, to investigate the attacks thoroughly, and to hold accountable those who committed, organized or ordered acts of violence. The United States strongly condemns the violent attacks on members of Macedonia’s parliament, which followed the election of Talat Xhaferi as Speaker of Parliament. The United States will work with the new Speaker and the parliament to support democracy and help Macedonia move forward on its European path. Violence has no place in the democratic process. We express our deepest sympathies to those members of parliament and others injured in the attacks and their families. As a strategic partner and friend of Macedonia, and with full respect for its sovereignty and unity, the United States calls on all parties to put the interests of Macedonia and its citizens above all else, to work together constructively, and to fully implement all of their commitments under the Przino Agreement. We urge all parties to resolve any differences peacefully and respect Macedonia’s laws and democratic processes”, said Byrnes in her address.

Previously, in March during the same year, Byrnes said that the US were disappointed with Ivanov’s decision not to give the mandate for forming a government to the parliamentary majority.

-The United States was disappointed that President Ivanov declined to offer the opportunity to form a new government to representatives who have a clear parliamentary majority. We believe this action was inconsistent with OSCE commitments, basic democratic principles, and the rule of law, which are core values of this Organization – said Byrnes.

Baily: I wasn’t at the Parliament as I was watching the voting on TV

Skopje, 25 October, 2018 - 10:24 (META) 

After the accusations from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the US Ambassador in Macedonia, Jess Baily, was present at the Parliament during the voting for the initiation of the constitutional changes, yesterday on TV21, he denied these claims, stating that he was watching the voting on TV, from his living room.

-That day I was working in my office, as I was attending an event in by the Embassy that evening and as most of the citizens in Macedonia I watched the voting on my TV from my living room – said Bailey for TV21.

As he said at TV21, the only thing that the US Embassy did was the statement that greeted the voting.

-It is clear that the accusations that the US is illegally involved and have improperly influenced the voting at the Parliament absurd. As we stated, we greeted the voting at the Macedonian Parliament to initiate the constitutional changes and the implementation of the Prespa Agreement – said Baily.

Two days ago, the Russian Foreign Ministry accused that the 8 votes from the opposition were secured by blackmail, threats and bribe.

“The MPs were closed in their offices, the mobile phones were taken away from them, which it seems is in the spirit of the European democratic practices. it should be mentioned that the US Ambassador was at the Parliament by the end of the session, something that puts doubt about who was managing this process” said the press release issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

USA: Russian claims that we interfered in the vote in Parliament are disinformation

Washington, 24 October, 2018 - 12:30 (META) 

The US State Department assessed Russia’s accusations that the United States was involved in the recent vote in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, which gave the green light to start constitutional changes in the country, as unreasonable as an attempt to misinform and propaganda

“Any allegation that representatives of the US Embassy were involved in the voting process in Parliament are unreasonable and false. The United States welcomes the decision of the Macedonian Parliament to begin the constitutional changes necessary for the implementation of the Prespa Agreement with Greece. The United States believes that the Prespa Agreement is a historic opportunity to promote stability, security and prosperity throughout the region, ” said a State Department spokesman at a briefing in Washington answering a Greek journalist’s question, reports ANA-MPA.

The State Department suggests to those who want to explore how Macedonian MPs made their decision to do so in consultation with the MPs themselves, instead of using Russian disinformation and propaganda.

Matthew Palmer to visit Macedonia on Monday

Skopje, 19 October, 2018 - 13:07 (META) 

US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Matthew Palmer is scheduled to pay a visit to the Republic of Macedonia on Monday, announced the US Embassy via their social networks.

“Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Palmer will arrive in Macedonia on Monday, October 22, to discuss US support for the Prespa Agreement between Macedonia and Greece, and the importance of continuing Macedonia’s reform agenda. He will meet representatives of the Government and political parties, including Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov,” the Embassy said.

State Department on Kammenos Plan B: We firmly support the Prespa Agreement

Washington, 12 October, 2018 - 15:53 (META) 

“We firmly support the full implementation of the Prespa Agreement,” said a US State Department official replying to a question from the portal “” in Washington, on the US position on Panos Kammenos’s plan B, which was allegedly presented at his meeting with Wess Mitchell.

“We are not publicly announcing the details of our personal diplomatic talks, but the position of the United States is clear: we welcome the result of the referendum in the Republic of Macedonia on September 30, during which the citizens expressed their support for NATO and the European Union by accepting the Prespa Agreement between Macedonia and Greece. We firmly support the full implementation of the agreement, which will allow Macedonia to get a legal position in NATO and the EU as the Republic of North Macedonia, contributing to regional stability, security and prosperity,” the State Department official told

Russian MFA: In the referendum, solutions imposed from the outside were boycotted

Moscow, 2 October, 2018 - 12:00 (META) 

The result of the referendum in Macedonia shows that voters have decided to boycott solutions imposed from outside, said the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“Leading politicians from NATO and the European Union were directly involved in the propaganda campaign, not refraining from interfering in the country’s internal affairs. Despite the fact that two thirds of the citizens of Macedonia did not support the Prespa Agreement, the results of the referendum were immediately welcomed by EU and NATO leaders, as well as from Washington. They are determined to include Skopje in NATO despite the opposite attitude of Macedonian citizens,” the Russia Foreign Ministry said.

Moscow, as they point out, continues to advocate a principled position that a long-term solution can be found only between the two countries, without interference from outside, and exclusively within the legal system and with broad public support.

“It is clear that the Prespa Agreement does not meet these criteria. It is contradictory to international law and the Macedonian Constitution, which was repeatedly emphasized by President Gjorge Ivanov, including his address to the UN General Assembly. Russia, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, is closely monitoring the situation. We think that in accordance with paragraph 3 of UN Security Council Resolution 845, the results of the negotiations between Skopje and Athens should be considered in the Security Council,” reads the statement.

Russian Ambassador Sergey Bazdnikin said in an interview with “Sputnik” that the fact of the matter is that the results of the vote confirmed that the referendum was void, given that only 36.9 per cent of the voters voted in the referendum, to get 50% plus one voter.

USA: Party leaders should rise above partisan politics in order to secure a brighter future for their country

Washington, 1 October, 2018 - 10:39 (META) 

The US Department of State, last night issued statement where it greeted the results from the yesterday’s referendum in Macedonia at which the citizens gave their support for memberships into NATO and EU by accepting the Prespa Agreement between Macedonia and Greece.

“The United States strongly supports the Agreement’s full implementation, which will allow Macedonia to take its rightful place in NATO and the EU, contributing to regional stability, security, and prosperity. As Macedonia’s parliament now begins deliberation on constitutional changes, we urge leaders to rise above partisan politics and seize this historic opportunity to secure a brighter future for the country as a full participant in Western institutions” said the US Department of State’s press release issued after the referendum in Macedonia took place.

US Embassy warning to employees: Avoid places where referendum protests are taking place

Skopje, 27 September, 2018 - 12:50 (META) 

The US Embassy in Macedonia has issue a ‘Demonstration Alert’ to its employees telling them to avoid areas around Parliament and the city square during the referendum.

The warning mentions critical dates and locations such as, Parliament on September 27 (today) at 19 o’clock as well as Parliament and the central city square on September 30 on the day of the referendum, at 19 o’clock.

“Various groups intend to demonstrate against the upcoming nationwide referendum on the Prespa name agreement between Macedonia and Greece, which will be held on Sunday, September 30. Spontaneous, unannounced demonstrations might also occur in Skopje and in other parts of the country during this period. U.S. government personnel are advised to avoid any areas where demonstrations might occur. “the US Embassy in Macedonia said in a statement.

The embassy recommends that employees avoid crowds and areas where protests are taking place, to monitor local media for updates, to keep a low profile, be aware of their surroundings and notify friends and family of their safety.

Former US President Bush urges citizens to vote “For” at the referendum

Washington, 19 September, 2018 - 10:47 (META) 

The Prespa Agreement is a courageous and fair compromise that will put Macedonia on its way towards EU and NATO and will provide a bright future. I call all citizens of Macedonia to vote at the referendum and to take part in this historic decision, said George Bush Jr., the former US President.

In a letter addressed to the Macedonian nation, that was published by the Atlantic Council in Washington, Bush wrote that since the first day of the Macedonian independence, the USA has been its steadfast friend.

-The American nation admired your peaceful emergence from the ashes of Yugoslavia. We respect your courage to uphold to democratic values and free institutions. I support your strive for accomplishing prosperity and security in Europe, that is whole, free and in peace – said Bush.

Ivanov to Mattis: EU and NATO membership remain strategic goals and priorities

Skopje, 17 September, 2018 - 17:17 (META) 

Today, President Gjorge Ivanov met with the US Defense Secretary James Mattis, where they exchanged views on current political developments in the Republic of Macedonia, the country’s Euro-Atlantic perspectives and bilateral co-operation between the two countries in the field of defense and security, informs Ivanov office.

The Macedonian President stressed that NATO and EU accession remain strategic goals and highest priorities of the Republic of Macedonia, which will contribute to the progress and prosperity of the entire region.

He said that the Republic of Macedonia remains a stable strategic partner of the United States and that it will continue to advocate for security, freedom and democratic progress of the region and will actively contribute to joint activities in the fight against terrorism and other threats on the global level.

President Ivanov thanked the United States for the support given to the Republic of Macedonia in order to promote defense and security reforms both in terms of financial as well as practical and technical support through the participation of joint training sessions, exercises and missions.

“Although we are not in NATO, our army is NATO compatible, and we are grateful to the United States for this. It is an investment in the future. We must be ready for new threats and new challenges,” President Ivanov said at a meeting with the US Defense Secretary.

The intensification and improvement of overall bilateral relations with the United States, President Ivanov added, are of long-term interest for the Republic of Macedonia.