Skopje PPO orders an investigation into climbers deaths on Kajmakčalan Mountain

Skopje, 21 February, 2018 - 11:17 (META) 

The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Skopje today announced that it has opened an investigation into the case on the mountain peak Kajmakčalan, where Macedonian mountain climbers, Kalina Velevska and Aleksandar Minovski lost their lives.

“The relevant Public Prosecutor has issued an order to the Sector for Internal Affairs Skopje – Violent Crime Unit, in order to perform checks in the Federation of Mountaineering Sports of Macedonia, regarding who, when and how organized the mountaineering expedition was, what are the necessary conditions for such an organization and whether they were fulfilled, as well as other circumstances”, said the prosecution in a statement.

At the same time, they added that an order has been issued to look into the mountaineering club “Traversal – Skopje”, their acts and decisions on the basis of which mountaineering expeditions are organized, the necessary conditions to be met, as well as the circumstances carried out at Kajmakčalan.

“By order of the relevant prosecutor, the lists of outgoing and incoming calls from the mobile phones of the deceased mountain climbers should also be provided,” stated the PPO Skopje.

Mayoral candidate from Besa in Saraj receives a death threat

Skopje, 6 October, 2017 - 17:38 (META) 

Just before 17:00, the candidate for mayor from Besa for the municipality of Saraj, Bashkim Bakiu recieved a death threat. The case was repotred to the police.

According to the Skopje Ministry of Interior , around 19:00, Bashkim Bakiu, a resident of the town, Ljubin came to the police station and told them he had received a SMS with threatening content on his mobile phone.

However, because he was in a rush to make an unannounced rally in the area of Derven in the village of Saraj, he gave up the opportunity to formally report the case and left. Then, at 19.50, he called on the police telephone number 192 and reported the rally and asked for police security.

“Mr. Bakiu, I spent ten years in jail and, if necessary, I will do ten more. You will be gone if you continue your activities tonight and hold rallies. Tonight I will wait for you in Derven, where you will hold your gathering”, reads the threatening message received by Mr Bakiu.

The rally ended without any problems, after which police officers told him to report the case to the Police Department Saraj, said the Skopje Interior Ministry.

Bakiu told Portabl he also informed the international threat factor.

“The threat will not stop me. Only God gives life and takes it away! The case has been reported to both the police and the international factor for threats”, said Bakiu, reported Portalb.

Spasovski: UBK has not conducted any kind of activity against any country or embassy

Skopje, 31 August, 2017 - 16:21 (META) 

The Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK), has never conducted any sort of activities against any country or against any embassy in Macedonia. This was announced today, by the Minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski, while answering a reporter’s questions about the recent withdrawal of staff from the Serbian embassy in Skopje and accusations from Belgrade about “very offensive intelligence activities against Serbia, in Macedonia.”

Regarding this, Spasovski said that there is absolutely no activity that could compromise UBK or the Ministry of Interior.

Concerning the violence which occurred in Parliament on April the 27th, the Ministry of Interior said that it is important to conduct a full investigation and an inquiry into the events, in order to restore credibility and trust in the institutions.

“I expect that the Public Prosecutor’s Office, especially the department for Organized Crime, will be decisive in terms of the proceedings against the individuals who stormed the Parliament building on April the 27th to kill certain MPs”, said Spasovski.

MOI has identified the persons that opened the front gates of Parliament for the crowds

Skopje, 2 May, 2017 - 16:09 (META) 

The Sector for Internal Affairs Skopje (SVR) has submitted three new notifications about several individuals at the Public Prosecutor’s Office (OJO) regarding the investigation into the violence that occurred at the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia last Thursday.

The notifications were sent after the video footage from the security cameras at Parliament were reviewed and the showed the people who participated in the removal of the blockade of the Parliament’s front gate on the inner side, said the Ministry of Interior today.

On Sunday, SVR Skopje filed criminal charges against 15 people. They are charged with criminal acts of participating in a group that prevented an official in carrying out his duty and participating in a group that committed a felony.

Previously OJO Skopje requested a central warrant to take into custody all of the 15 suspects.

On the 30th of April 2017, eight people were arrested, and were taken before a judge for preliminary proceedings, who ruled that they be taken into custody for 8 days, one person was placed under home arrest, and two people were given cautionary measures.

The MOI added that SVR Skopje, in coordination with OJO Skopje, is continuing intensively to work on further identification of people who were participants in the violence that occurred on the 27th of April.

MOI have strengthened security measures for the New Year and Christmas Holidays

Skopje, 31 December, 2015 - 13:38 (META) 

The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) have increased all security measures in their jurisdiction to cover the upcoming New Year and Christmas holiday celebrations, a traditionally busy time for public travel and gatherings, extra security will provide added cover for public meetings to go smoothly
“The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) would like to inform the public that for the period of New Year and Christmas celebrations and holidays which always involves increased numbers of the public travelling, gatherings, and demonstrations, the MOI ill deliver a secure security situation in all areas of public order, crime protection, traffic safety, as well as at state borders, the securing of public buildings and prominent personalities. We will be taking enhanced measures and actions which were previously planned after temporary monitoring to gauge requirements”, the MOI said in a statement concerning security measures for celebrations in Skopje. T the Department of Internal Affairs will be responsible for the provision of adequate numbers of police officers from all units of SVR Skopje and the staff of the Ministry of the Interior.
Police will have stronger measures at their disposal to cover travel on major roads and to apply to all facilities of the Interior Ministry where New Year celebrations will be taking place.

Armed incident at Skopje’s Clinical Centre

Skopje, 9 November, 2015 - 10:09 (META) 

This morning at the Clinical Centre in Skopje there was an armed incident.

According to unofficial information, the incident resulted in an injured or wounded doctor from abdominal surgery, and was allegedly shot by a disgruntled patient.

Police have detained two people, but the Interior Ministry will confirm the information later.

The entrance to the hospital was shut down and there was an increase in police presence and special forces.

For “Meta” the Department for Internal Affairs said they are checking all information and will announce more details later.

Kotevski: There are no indications the explosions in Skopje and Kumanovo are related

Skopje, 30 July, 2015 - 14:23 (META) 

The police has not found any indications that suggest the bomb that exploded last night near the building of the Sector for Internal Affairs (SVR) in Skopje is related to the explosion in Kumanovo on July 11, is the statement that Meta received from the Ministry of Interior (MVR) to the question whether this is a retaliation to the police raid in Kumanovo. The MVR has warned in a telegram two months ago that there may be retaliation attempts.

– We don’t have any indications to a possible connection in the two incidents. The locations are different, but we can’t speak with certainty before we clear these cases- said for Meta the deputy minister of public relations of the MVR, Ivo Kotevski.

According to official information by the police, the explosion was nearby the building of the SVR in Skopje. The explosion happened ten minutes after midnight after which the employees in the Center for early notification reported the event to the relevant authorities. Injuries have not been reported. The damage is shattered windows of the SVR building and shrapnel in several vehicles that were parked in front of it.

“The scene was tended by police officers from the SVR and by officers from the anti-terrorism department. They investigated the scene and picked up material that is sent for forensic analysis,” is said in the report from the Ministry of Interior.
The explosion in Kumanovo happened on July 11 in 4:30 in a tunnel that connects the city square with a parking lot owned by a private company.

The minister of Interior Mitko Chavkov announced thorough investigation of the event. By today there aren’t any suspects.
Two months ago the MVR informed that it has findings that supporters of the terrorist group that was pursued in Kumanovo has plans to kidnap functionaries in the Ministry of Interior and to attack vital state institutions. The Ministry had sent an instructive message informing all relevant authorities and persons in police departments to increase security measures.