Pendarovski: Tomorrow we wait for an official announcement for an invitation to NATO

Skopje, 28 June, 2018 - 18:31 (META) 

Tomorrow, we are waiting for an official announcement from NATO headquarters in Brussels, that Macedonia will be granted an official invitation at the next Alliance Summit in Brussels on July 11 and 12, said National Coordinator for NATO Stevo Pendarovski at the 98th ROS-ROT Seminar held in the Macedonian Parliament.

“Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will announce what Macedonian citizens have been waiting for, for years. It will be the final stage of our association with the Alliance, keeping in mind that the Republic of Macedonia has an infamous record with 19 rounds of the NATO membership action plan”, said Pendarovski.

In the meantime, he said, Macedonia has shown envious levels of resistance and perseverance, considering that the country came very close to the edge twice.

“The first time was in 2001, when we experienced an internal conflict, and then just four years later in 2005 we received EU candidate status. The second time we returned close to the edge was last year after 11 years of a hard autocratic regime, and in just one year we received an invitation to join the Alliance. Now, one year after the attack on Parliament, we are discussing Macedonia becoming a member of the Alliance and a date for negotiations with the EU for June next year”, said Pendarovski.

He added that in the past year, Macedonia dealt with three major strategic issues – the first was the signing of the Treaty of good neighborly relations with Bulgaria, which, according to him, was a stumbling block in regards to getting closer to the EU. On the domestic front, the Law on Languages has been adopted – a pillar element of the Framework Agreement, and last of all was the signing of the Agreement with Greece for resolving the name dispute.

The “Wanted for Treason” posters of SDSM’s MPs are replicas of Obama and Kennedy posters

Skopje, 15 March, 2017 - 16:50 (META) 

False posters with the portraits of SDSM’s MPs, Stevo Pendarovski, Pavle Bogoevski and Ivana Tufegdžikj were distributed this morning in several of Skopje’s neighbourhoods.

In the posters, they are accused of being traitors and of accepting the Albanian language as a second official language, bilingual banknotes and uniforms, as well as accepting the redefining of the state as an introduction to cantonization and federalization.

The “posters” are replicas (both in design and content) of those that can be seen on the internet, for example, the posters of former US Presidents, John F Kennedy and Barack Obama.

The poster for Kennedy said, “This man is wanted for treasonous activities against the United States of America.” The poster said that he had betrayed the Constitution and country’s sovereignty. These “Wanted” posters were distributed in Dallas several days before Kennedy’s assassination on the 22nd of November, 1963.

Similar to the Kennedy’s “Wanted” posters, posters of Obama emerged and stated that he too had betrayed the Constitution and the country’s sovereignty and that he had betrayed the trust of the American citizens.


SPO has another 6 months of investigations and prosecutions, elections will decide whether they will continue

Skopje, 3 December, 2016 - 16:50 (META) 

Tomorrow marks exactly one year after the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) has taken over the cases related to the illegal wiretapping from the Public Prosecution. According to the Law on the SPO, the Special Public Prosecutor, Katica Janeva and her team have six months left to investigate and file charges relating to cases arising from the “bombs”.

According to Article 22 of the Law on the SPO, Special Public Prosecutor Janeva “can file charges or can put a stop to an investigation within a period not exceeding 18 months from the date her office has taken over the case and material within their jurisdiction”.

Whether the SPO’s mandate will be extended for investigations and prosecutions, depends directly on the outcome of the parliamentary elections, or on which political party wins the majority in parliament and forms the Government.

The leader of the ruling VMRO-DPMNE and top candidate in the fourth constituency, Nikola Gruevski, at yesterday’s rally in Stip, said that he didn’t see the need to prolong the work of the SPO, because it will only prolong the political crisis and there are no good intentions for the country.

“It is necessary for our victory to be strong, so no one can prolong the political crisis and chaos in Macedonia. The only guarantee that the political crisis will end, is on December 11, with 63 seats for the VMRO-DPMNE and the Coalition for a Better Macedonia”, Gruevski said.

The lead candidate of the SDSM in the first constituency, Stevo Pendarovski, on the first day of the election campaign, on November 21, said that if they gain the trust of the citizens, the mandate of the SPO will be extended, while establishing special court departments which will process the cases of the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

“After the electoral victory of December 11, we will immediately extend the mandate of the SPO, which will allow sufficient time for processing cases which arose from the illegal wire tapped conversations”, said Pendarovski, adding that after the elections there will be a re-election of all judges, to allow fairness, and not court cases dictated by a political party.

The Coalition for Change and Justice – Third bloc, led by the Democratic Alliance of Pavle Trajanov also wants to extend the mandate of the SPO. He also demands that after the elections, immediately to be make a new agreement to establish a special unit in the Criminal Court, which will process the cases of the SPO.

In the previous year, the SPO has opened nine investigations and has filed two charges against hundreds of people.

The SPO in this period faced a series of obstructions by other state institutions, especially by the Criminal Court in Skopje and the Public Prosecution.

Pendarovski: There should be no fixed date for elections until all conditions are met

Demir Kapija, 20 February, 2016 - 17:29 (META) 

The head of the “Partnership for Macedonia”, Stevo Pendarovski today in Demir Kapija pointed out that the opposition expects that the date for early parliamentary elections to be moved, however not for a fixed date until the the Przhino Agreement is fully implemented.

“In the next few days we expect a decision in relation to the upcoming parliamentary elections, in particular, the moving of the deadline was unilaterally agreed upon by both parties in the current government, for April 24. We expect this time, for there not to be a fixed date for elections until all commitments are fully implemented under the Przhino Agreement. If implemented as agreed, as all parties signed the agreement, it is the general opinion, not just here in Demir Kapija, but in all of Macedonia, that the opposition’s sentiment is at the highest possible level and that is undoubtedly the dominant majority in Macedonia that is on the side of the joint opposition, and that includes the entire civil sector, who all support a better, free and European Macedonia”, Pendarovski said during his visit to Demir Kapija.

The opposition speak more and more of boycotts, radicalization and protests

Skopje, 29 January, 2016 - 14:55 (META) 

What awaits us in the in the upcoming period, radicalization of the resistance or a new May the 17th, if the ruling coalition led by VMRO-DPMNE insists that elections are held on April 24th?

If we were to judge by the statements of just some politicians, like Ljiljana Popovska and Stevo Pendarovski, one might say no, but after the announcement of 75 non-governmental and civil society organizations – yes!
Civil society representatives wrote to Commissioner Johannes Hahn and many other members of the “International Community” that without meeting conditions for free, fair and democratic elections, the date for early elections has to be postponed, otherwise civil society activists will have no option but to call for a boycott of the elections scheduled for April 24 and organize mass protests against the “regime.”
After many people came out for mass protests recently, this openly suggested to some parties and organizations to act as an opposition after Hahn visited the country on January 15th. Since then the political situation has again become dramatic.
President of the Democratic Renewal of Macedonia (DOM), Ljiljana Popovska appeared on the show “Top-theme” on “Telma”, on Friday where said she would join any protests organized by the opposition.
Stevo Pendarovski who was active with the platform “Citizens for Macedonia” and was a SDSM candidate for the last presidential election, symbolically, on his Twitter account, suggested for more protests.

“It looks like a new May the 17th is coming! “Citizens for Macedonia” in coalition with “For the Savior of Macedonia” Pendarovski wrote on is Twitter account on January 19.

Contacts with the pages for crisis assistance are ongoing

Скопје, 5 March, 2015 - 16:21 (META) 

Activities and contacts between Macedonia – European Union, in order to resolve the political crisis that has boiled further after the announcement of the scandal “Tapping”, are ongoing, confirmed Stevo Pendarovski, who is part of the opposition.

– I cannot comment on details. I know that there are contacts between the political parties that are relevant in Macedonia and the international community and it is an ongoing process. Because of the sensitivity of the process, which will last in the forthcoming period as we, you will allow me the curtesy not to talk about the details of what is happening at the moment – said Pendarovski.

EU Commissioner for accession negotiations Johannes Hahn yesterday again called for dialogue in Macedonia, saying the state should return to the relevant European standards to keep the European perspective.

– Eminent MEPs also said they are willing to arbitrate between the different parties in the country. They accepted this support and now we wait to see what the next steps would be. But in order to keep the European perspective, it is necessary to solve the problems in the country and return to the relevant international and European standards – said Hahn.

Regarding the assistance offered by the EU, Pendarovski says they are not running away from talks, but that problem is the position of the Government, which has no “capacity to enter honestly with all its potential in talks with the opposition.”

– We expect that the government, in turn, will finally realize that there have to be a foreign assistance, and we as concerned and relevant political structure in the country are ready for such talks at any time – says Pendarovski.

According to the statements of the Prime Minister and his ministers, Government firmly stands behind the opinion that the wiretapping crisis should be decided within the institutions.

That Macedonia is on the agenda of the EU yesterday confirmed High Representative for Foreign Affairs of the European Union Federica Mogerini.

– Yes, Macedonia is on our agenda. Together with Commissioner Hahn, we are very focused on the Balkans. In this framework, Macedonia is on the agenda, as supporting countries that are crucial for the region is always on the agenda. Here we talk about neighboring countries in the Balkans, but it is not a neighbor, but in Europe. Under these special circumstances, it is necessary. I read the recommendations of the European Parliament, I am following the debate and I’m ready to answer that together with Commissioner Hahn – said Mogerini.