Пак избори в Македония, този път президентски

Скопйе, 21 January, 2019 - 7:24 (META) 

В Република Македония през април ще се проведат шестите президентски избори. Изборите за президент, както предвижда Конституцията на Република Македония, трябва да се насрочат 60 дни преди изтичането на мандата на досегашния държавен глава. На настоящият президент Георге Иванов втория петгодишен мандат му изтича на 12 май.

Въпреки, че досега нито една политическа партия не е излязла със собствен кандидат за президент на републиката, някои политици проявяват интерес да се включат в надпреварата за “баща на държавата” с зачестилите изяви в обществото и в медиите.

Премиерът Зоран Заев в последното изявление посочи, че около десетина имена са във игра за кандидат за президентските избори на своята партия СДСМ и обяви, че партията ще заседяава със най-висши органи уикенда и ще дискутира и затвори този въпрос.

Досега като възможни кандидати на СДСМ в обществото се споменават имената на миналия кандидат за президент Стево Пендаровски, министърът на отбраната Радмила Шекеринска, министърът Оливър Спасовски.

Правителственият партньор, партията ДУИ стои на становището, че на Македония и трябва консенсусен кандидат за президент, който ще бъде приемлив за всички граждани от всяка етническа принадлежност, с еднакви стратегически интереси на мнозинството от гражданите на Македония. От партия казаха, че такъв кандидат е проф. Денко Малевски, който също е приемлив и при СДСМ.

Опозиционната ВМРО-ДПМНЕ публикува обява за отчитане на кандидатури за избор на президент на страната, която ще бъде отворена до 31 януари. Кандидатът за президент ще избират 550 делегати на Конвенцията на ВМРО-ДПМНЕ с тайно гласуване. За избран се счита кандидатът, получил най-много гласове от всички кандидати, но не по-малко от 1/3 от общия брой на делегатите.

Депутатът от ВМРО-ДПМНЕ Влатко Гьорчев първ обяви, че се кандидатира на обявата в неговата собствена партия за избор на техен кандидат за президент на страната. Като възможни кандидати на ВМРО-ДПМНЕ, въпреки Горчев, се споменават и бивши депутати и министри от тази партия.

Президентският мандат трае пет години. За президент на републиката също лице може да бъде избран най-много два пъти.

Президентът трябва да бъде гражданин на Република Македония, на изборите да има поне 40 години живот.

Конституцията предвижда кандидат за президент на републиката да могат да предложат най-малко 10000 избиратели или най-малко 30 депутати. Преди изборната кампания на кандидатите за президент на Република Македония започва 20 дни преди деня на изборите.

Re-balance to reduce budget resources for NATO integration

Skopje, 19 October, 2018 - 12:58 (META) 

The government, with the budget re-balance for 2018, plans to reduce defense spending in the Ministry of Defense planned for NATO integration. in the expenditures section of the Ministry of Defense for the 2018 budget, 935 million were envisaged for security and defense promotion, namely, the integration into NATO, and with the re-balance this item has been reduced to 855 million.

It is remarkable that the reduction of the money provided for NATO integration comes at a time when Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Radmila Sekerinska, Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov and the National Coordinator for NATO Stevo Pendarovski as members of the NATO Integration Committee , are staying at the headquarters of the Alliance in Brussels, where the final phase of the country’s accession talks with NATO, which will last until October 19, began.

According to recent statements, if the constitutional changes to accept the agreement with Greece are passed, the whole process should be completed by the end of December, this year. Then, in January 2019, Macedonia should sign the Accession Protocol with the right to participate in all NATO departments, but without the possibility of voting, and the accession of the country to full membership should happen after the member states ratify the Accession Protocol, within their national parliaments.

Pendarovski: If there is no census, the institutions will decide

Skopje, 26 September, 2018 - 16:45 (META) 

If there is no census in the referendum on Sunday, this means that the decision will be in the hands of the institutions – says the country’s National Coordinator for NATO, Stevo Pendarovski.

According to him, the mood amongst the public regarding the referendum is positive and is increasing. Pendarovski says he expects that a clear message will be sent from the citizens on Sunday.

One day before the end of the campaign, Professor Vasil Tupurkovski, who in the 1990s was directly involved in the talks, expressed his opinion on the referendum. According to him, the agreement with Greece is the only real solution, and on Sunday party squabbles should be put to rest.

“27 years ago, we had a completely acceptable proposal to resolve the problems regarding Macedonian – Greek relations. We did not use that opportunity. Now Macedonia and Greece have created a mutually acceptable solution. To be realistic, this solution is worse, but after 27 years it’s the only real solution. We will not find a better solution after decades of searching and sacrificed generations. So we need to accept the agreement between the two countries,” says Tupurkovski.

The campaign for the referendum ends on Thursday at midnight, and the referendum silence begins. Unlike election campaigns, where a 24-hour silence is planned, the referendum’s silence is 48 hours.

The Euro-integrations will provide strong institutions instead of strong leaders

Bitola, 14 September, 2018 - 15:50 (META) 

Until 10 years ago, in Croatia, no one was asking how will the politicians travel to the World Cup and who will pay for their tickets for the matches. This is what everyone is interested in today. The people have developed a higher sense for corruption, for responsibility, for the rule of law, stressed the Croatian Ambassador Danijela Barishic during the forum on the subject of “Perspectives from the NATO integration – what will bring the accession process for Macedonia and its citizens” that took place today in Bitola. The forum is part of a USAID project for a citizen participation.

-You have a manual from 28 countries, and you have Croatia to serve as an example. The people today are conscious of what the politicians can do. You have institutions that are working in accordance with the law, regardless of who is power – stressed Barishic.

The national coordinator for the NATO acquisition, Stevo Pendarovski said that there are several alternatives for a NATO, mainly central-Asian military and political alliances, but none is a better alternative for us.

– NATO and EU are schools for democracy – said Pendarovski, stressing that the most important project in the process of integration is the creation of professional and not a party administration.

At the forum, also Ismet Ramadani, the President of the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia, took part in, including Goran Ilikj, the Dean of the Law faculty in Botla and members of NGOs, educational and cultural institutions.

Government forms NATO Integration Committee chaired by Prime Minister Zaev

Skopje, 5 September, 2018 - 11:52 (META) 

At its 86th session, the Government formed a Committee for NATO integration and it will be chaired by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, while vice prime ministers Radmila Shekerinska Jankovska, Bujar Osmani, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov were appointed as deputies.

Permanent members in the Committee are ministers Oliver Spasovski, Renata Deskoska, Dragan Tevdovski, Damjan Manchevski, Major General Vasko Gjurchinovski, the Chief of General Staff of ARM, the Director of the Directorate for Security of Classified Information, Stojan Slaveski, the National Coordinator for NATO Stevo Pendarovski, the Deputy Minister of Defence, Bekim Maksuti, the Deputy Interior Minister, Agim Nuhiu.

The Government announced that other members of the Government and other relevant personnel may take part in the Committee’s work if there is a discussion regarding subjects in their field.

Pendarovski: The referendum is of same historical weight as that of independence

Bitola, 3 September, 2018 - 14:44 (META) 

The referendum on September 30th, is of identical importance and of equal historical weight, as the September 8, 1991 referendum on independence, said National Coordinator for NATO Stevo Pendarovski at the civic tribune in Bitola, which is part of the coalition of the Together for a European Macedonia coalition.

At the meetings with citizens, the benefits from NATO and EU membership were presented, referring in particular to the economic benefits that Macedonia will have as part of the largest market in Europe of 500 million inhabitants.

“If we voted back then massively over 90% to have a country, now on the 30th of September we will come out, we will vote ‘FOR’ EU and NATO integration and forever establish Macedonian statehood throughout the world. Let’s finish our work, enter NATO’s most powerful security coalition, open the doors to the affinity of the richest countries that are part of the EU,” said Pendarovski.

Pendarovski: Full NATO membership in the beginning of 2020

Skopje, 29 August, 2018 - 19:32 (META) 

Macedonia expects to become a full member of the NATO Alliance in the first quarter of 2020, National Coordinator Stevo Pendarovski told a press conference.

He pointed out that accession talks should be completed by the end of the year, and then we will wait for ratification in the Greek parliament.

“We expect accession talks to end by the New Year and then the whole process will be transferred to the Greek Parliament and the parliaments of the other member states. The ratification should take place next year, in order to become a NATO member in the first quarter of 2020,” said Pendarovski.

At today’s session, the Government adopted the concept of the National Structure for Maintaining the Republic of Macedonia’s Membership Process in NATO.

Expenses for Macedonia regarding the obligations to NATO will amount to no more than 500 thousand euros a year, said Pendarovski adding that it depends on the gross domestic product and the resources of the Alliance member countries.

Pendarovski: Start of accession negotiations for NATO membership begin today

Skopje, 25 July, 2018 - 14:28 (META) 

With a High NATO Delegation in Skopje, led by James Mackey, head of the Euro-Atlantic & Global Partnership office at NATO, defacto accession negotiations for NATO membership begin, said NATO co-ordinator Stevo Pendarovski at a news conference today.

“We are very pleased that we have a NATO delegation that was created immediately after the decision was made in Brussels, which means that NATO is ready to respond immediately to the commitments it has been saying for years, and that is the so-called open door policy. They intend to fulfill their obligations, and we have to fulfill ours”, said Pendarovski.

He added that the delegation will discuss variant issues with relevant representatives from institutions related to the accession process.

“Of course, they will not discuss the political issue that is our homework, I am primarily talking about the Prespa Accord, but for everything else that is typical of accession negotiations with any candidate country. This means from military-technical issues to the legal and financial implications of our full membership in the alliance in the future”, Pendarovski said, adding that Macedonia will confirm that it is practically prepared for serious talks within this phase of the accession negotiations.

Pendarovski underlined that the bilateral agreement with Greece remains to be our precondition for full membership and expects the accession talks to end by the New Year.

Mackey said the delegation is here to work on the implementation of the decision taken at the Brussels Summit.

“This will be a long process in which we will have a series of talks that will be held with the ministries, with the Government of your country to become the 30th member of NATO. This means that political, financial, and security-related aspects and a number of legal contracts that need to be signed should be defined. We will also talk about the series of reforms that are already taking place in the country and those reforms that the Government will have to work on as part of the NATO accession process”, Mackey said.

He added that when the internal procedures that Pendarovski spoke of are completed and when the decision is approved in the national parliaments of the 29 NATO member states, the country will be able to become the 30th NATO member.

“Looking back on past experiences, we expect the entire process to last 18 months. It will be an intensive period, but we will be patient and expect to work with your government”, added Mackey.

Pendarovski: Tomorrow we wait for an official announcement for an invitation to NATO

Skopje, 28 June, 2018 - 18:31 (META) 

Tomorrow, we are waiting for an official announcement from NATO headquarters in Brussels, that Macedonia will be granted an official invitation at the next Alliance Summit in Brussels on July 11 and 12, said National Coordinator for NATO Stevo Pendarovski at the 98th ROS-ROT Seminar held in the Macedonian Parliament.

“Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will announce what Macedonian citizens have been waiting for, for years. It will be the final stage of our association with the Alliance, keeping in mind that the Republic of Macedonia has an infamous record with 19 rounds of the NATO membership action plan”, said Pendarovski.

In the meantime, he said, Macedonia has shown envious levels of resistance and perseverance, considering that the country came very close to the edge twice.

“The first time was in 2001, when we experienced an internal conflict, and then just four years later in 2005 we received EU candidate status. The second time we returned close to the edge was last year after 11 years of a hard autocratic regime, and in just one year we received an invitation to join the Alliance. Now, one year after the attack on Parliament, we are discussing Macedonia becoming a member of the Alliance and a date for negotiations with the EU for June next year”, said Pendarovski.

He added that in the past year, Macedonia dealt with three major strategic issues – the first was the signing of the Treaty of good neighborly relations with Bulgaria, which, according to him, was a stumbling block in regards to getting closer to the EU. On the domestic front, the Law on Languages has been adopted – a pillar element of the Framework Agreement, and last of all was the signing of the Agreement with Greece for resolving the name dispute.

The “Wanted for Treason” posters of SDSM’s MPs are replicas of Obama and Kennedy posters

Skopje, 15 March, 2017 - 16:50 (META) 

False posters with the portraits of SDSM’s MPs, Stevo Pendarovski, Pavle Bogoevski and Ivana Tufegdžikj were distributed this morning in several of Skopje’s neighbourhoods.

In the posters, they are accused of being traitors and of accepting the Albanian language as a second official language, bilingual banknotes and uniforms, as well as accepting the redefining of the state as an introduction to cantonization and federalization.

The “posters” are replicas (both in design and content) of those that can be seen on the internet, for example, the posters of former US Presidents, John F Kennedy and Barack Obama.

The poster for Kennedy said, “This man is wanted for treasonous activities against the United States of America.” The poster said that he had betrayed the Constitution and country’s sovereignty. These “Wanted” posters were distributed in Dallas several days before Kennedy’s assassination on the 22nd of November, 1963.

Similar to the Kennedy’s “Wanted” posters, posters of Obama emerged and stated that he too had betrayed the Constitution and the country’s sovereignty and that he had betrayed the trust of the American citizens.