SPO investigate if funds flowed to the Czech Republic, Greece, Great Britain and the Netherlands

Skopje, 5 March, 2018 - 17:20 (META) 

At today’s meeting to coordinate investigations into financial irregularities, Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva said that the SPO were looking into possible criminal activities in several European countries.

“I hope that we will discover which direction the money has flowed to or whether they are in Macedonia”, said Janeva and pointed out that they are investigating financial crime in the Czech Republic, Greece, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

In a statement to the press, Janeva stated that the SPO had taken action in connection with the “Skopje 2014” project over a lengthy period of time.

“I would not want to prejudge, however, I hope that the Public Prosecution’s Office will come to a decision soon”, she said

Also, Janeva added that they are making sure that their cases do not expire the statute of limitations. She also stated that some of the investigations they launched last year, were in the final stages.

Fetai: If there is a goodwill a solution will be provided for pressing charges and the new investigations

Skopje, 30 December, 2017 - 15:05 (META) 

SPO’s public prosecutor, Fatime Fetai in an interview for the “360 Degrees” TV Show on Alsat M, said that the “unfortunate Artice 22” from the Law on the SPO is limiting this prosecution currently from pressing new charges, but formally it doesn’t limit it to start new investigations.

She announced that it is possible that some of the started investigations when they reach a phase for pressing charges might be handed over to the regular Public Prosecution to continue.

When asked about the dilemma whether it will be legally problematic that a case by SPO to be handed over to the regular prosecution, Fetai said that “if there is a goodwill a legal solution may be found for these cases to be given to the regular prosecution.”

-We still haven’t reached that point, to have one of our investigations that has previously reached a phase where charges were filed, but in this moment whenever we have a case like that, a solution will be found for everything. If there is a goodwill, especially when it comes to accomplishing justice, a solution can be found – said Fetai.

The Government will decide what to do with “Warrior on the Horse”, Koseto” and “Mother Teresa”

Skopje, 13 November, 2017 - 15:15 (META) 

The Ministry of Culture from the working group received the first elaborates of Andon Janev – Koseto monuments from the court complex “Mother Theresa” and the “Warrior of the Horse” at “Macedonia” square, said Minister of Culture, Robert Alagjozovski, who today took part in the conference for the European Union’s project, “Creative Europe”.

The elaborates, Alagjozovski said, will be forwarded to the Government, who will decide what to do with them next.

“Some of the elaborates are prepared and we are considering the competencies of the institutions at a local and central level for these facilities”, said the Minister of Culture, who explained that the procedures are so wrong that it is complicated to unravel who is in charge, and who is meant to undertake activities in relation to these objects placed in Skopje.

Alagjozovski said that cultural heritage was not only not adequately treated, but was also abused.

Shilegov: The place for a Panoramic Wheel is in an amusement park, not the riverbed of Vardar

Skopje, 29 September, 2017 - 19:01 (META) 

The centre of Skopje is not an amusement park, and the place for a panoramic wheel is in an amusement park, and not by the riverbed of the Vardar river, stated SDSM candidate for mayor of the City of Skopje, Petre Shilegov.

He said that if he becomes mayor, he will consult the public with expertise on all decisions.

“That way we will find the best expert solution in order to make a valid decision. If you make a decision about what will happen with “Skopje 2014”, you will be the new Nikola Gruevski. As for the panoramic wheel, all aspects need to be looked at, to see what’s happening with the project. Its place is not on the riverbed of the Vardar river. However, everything we do, we will do the least harm to the citizens, as it is their money which was invested. I hope that this project will succeed in a timely manner, if it is not too far along, we can stop the panoramic wheel’s location, it’s place is in an amusement park. The centre of Skopje is not an amusement park”, said Shilegov.

He said he would respect the will of the citizens about the look of GTC and leave it open to everyone.

Alagjozovski: Skopje 2014 is like a virus that has to be put into quarantine

Skopje, 18 September, 2017 - 17:35 (META) 

We look upon the “Skopje 2014” project as a virus that first has to be quarantined, to be treated in isolation, and then we shall decide what we can do with this project in near future, said today the Minister of Culture Robert Alagjozovski at the press conference regarding his first 100 days in office.

He informed that a five-member working group from the Ministry of Culture will analyze the project and shall approach it in various phases and priorities. For some monuments and objects that are most controversial and for which the general public has reacted against, there are already some proposals how to be solved, but those shall be analyzed and the government will decide upon them.

-It’s the monument of Andon Janev Kjoseto, including various other projects that are in different phases of building and they are still creating financial implications on the state budget. Because of the complexity of any kind of interventions on part of the objects, we agreed that the working group should prepare many potential scenarios for any of them, and the government to make a decision what to do with these projects – said Alagjozovski.

Bochvarski: The rebalancing of the budget will cut all the unnecessary expenditures

Skopje, 16 July, 2017 - 16:27 (META) 

The rebalancing of the budget is cutting the unnecessary and expensive expenditures, and the money is returned back to the citizens. With the rebalancing, funds will be provided for a permanent solution for the problem with the redundant workers and starting from September, around 70 000 citizens will receive a higher minimum wage in amount of 12.000 and the assets for raising the pupils’ standard and higher scholarships and bursaries, announced SDSM’s Vice President, Blagoj Bochvarski at a press conference that took place today. He also promised that a Youth guarantee will start that will offer a possibility of additional education, employment or a paid practice for the young.

SDSM’s Vice President said that the previous government that was led by VMRO-DPMNE was wasteful.

-While the majority of citizens have lived under the threshold of poverty with debts and blocked accounts, VMRo-DPMNE’s officials have spent their funds for lunches with exotic and exclusive food, expensive hotels, costumes, shoes, and spa treatments, and have completely ignored the needs of the citizens. The last evidence for VMRO-DPMNE’s wastefulness is the acquisition of two LED screens in the amount of one million of euros that are set on the expensive baroque facades in the center of Skopje. SDSM, through the new government it will lead is putting an end to this despicable treatment of citizens’ funds – said Bochvarski.

The rebalancing of the budget should enter into a parliamentary procedure tomorrow at noon.

Alagjozovski: It’s not just expensive to demolish, but also to maintain the structures of “Skopje 2014”

Skopje, 30 June, 2017 - 20:47 (META) 

The maintenance of the structures of the “Skopje 2014” project is just as expensive as their demolition, and accordingly, the basic assumption when the construction of this project began, that as a project it would save the Government money for rent, has been confuted, said the Minister of Culture, Robert Alagjozovski, at today’s debate on the future of  the “Skopje 2014” project, organized by the civil society association, “Freedom Square”.

“All options are being considered – retention, demolition and conversion, however everything will be done with a broad debate and an international competition for possible solutions”, said Alagjozovski.

“Freedom Square” said that the revision of  the”Skopje 2014″ project should not only cover the financial and procedural aspects of the construction, but also the functionality of the structures.

Dr. Donka Bardžieva, an art historian, insisted on the legal aspects of “Skopje 2014”. According to her, it was all built illegally and she suggested opening a public debate on the future of the project.

Sanja Radjenovic-Jovanovic, an architect, says that legal regulations were amended 16 times so that all construction ideas for “Skopje 2014” could be formally and legally covered.

SPO confiscates documents concerning “Skopje 2014” from the National Archive

Skopje, 14 January, 2017 - 11:28 (META) 

The Special Prosecutor’s Office has confiscated documents from the National Archive, regarding one of their preliminary investigations, reported “Telma” TV.

The SPO would not comment on what type of documents they were looking for, nor would they comment for what case their preliminary investigation is for.

Filip Petrovski, the Director of the National Archive stated that the documents were related to the “Skopje 2014” project.

Both Mr Petrovski and the SPO say that cooperation was handled in a correct manner and that there were no problems. However, Director Petrovski still thinks that the prosecution is the author of false information that appeared on the internet, and that there were incidents in the archives between himself and prosecutors, where the police were involved. He also claims that it was not the actual portals themselves, but the SPO used them to orchestrate attacks against him today in public.

Kanceska-Milevska: This is pure theatre organized by the SDSM

Skopje, 28 October, 2016 - 17:20 (META) 

This is pure political theatre organized by the SDSM and supported by the Special Prosecutor’s Office, said the Minister of Culture Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska, while leaving the Criminal Court, after Tuesday’s hearing of the “Tenders” case.

Kanceska-Milevska spent two hours in court. She stated that she has the same viewpoint of the statement she made last Thursday and at today’s hearing, the SPO did not submit any new evidence.

“This is pure political theatre organized by the Social Democratic Union, and the Special Public Prosecutor are participating in this performance to support the party during the election campaign. I stick to my previous statement”, said Kanceska-Milevska.

Immediately after the case, Minister Kanceska-Milevska called a press conference, where she stated that the work from all the projects of “Skopje 2014” are “crystal clear” and the allegations made by prosecutor Fatime Fetai are nothing more than “gossip” and “hearsay”.

When the minister was asked whether the court would confiscate her passport, Kancevska-Milevska answered shortly “they need to know the laws”.

The Special Public Prosecutor’s Office officially opened the investigation on the case last Thursday and on the very same day, they requested precautionary measures for two of the suspects involved in the case.

Kancheska-Milevska: I was summoned as a witness to confirm that the Ministry of Culture works legally

Skopje, 29 August, 2016 - 17:30 (META) 

The Minister of Culture, Elizabeta Kancheska-Milevska was today called as a witness by the Special Prosecutor’s Office, which she confirmed herself after being questioned for three hours and a half.

She briefly stated that this was an opportunity for her to confirm and emphasize the legal work of the Ministry of Culture. During today’s questioning, Kancheska-Milevska did not want to give more details, saying she was not authorized to comment due to confidentiality of the investigation.

Unofficial sources say that the Minister had been summoned regarding the project “Skopje 2014”. Earlier this month others had been also been summoned regarding the same investigation such as the Mayor of the Center, Andrej Zernovski and the former Minister of Culture, Arifhikmet Dzemali.

This morning, Macedonian businessman Orce Kamchev who is one of the owners of “Media Print Macedonia”, the hospital “Adzibadem Sisitina”, “Orka Holding”, “Stopanska Bank – Bitola”, “ZIG”, “Pelagonija” and other companies had also been summoned by the SPO.

According to the latest list from “Forbes”, Kamcev, who has a close relationship with the government, is the richest man in Macedonia.