“Empire” case suspects Mijalkov, Kamchev and others to be released from Shutka

Skopje, 27 December, 2018 - 17:55 (META) 

The Special Public Prosecutor’s Office gave a positive opinion that the detention of suspects in the “Empire” case could be replaced by house – arrest, Makfax writes, citing its own sources.

The limited freedom of suspects rests in the hands of judges from the Appeal and the Criminal Court. Should they decide, the suspects who would be released from custody are Sasho Mijalkov, Orce Kamchev, Cvetan Pandeleski along with others in the SPO case, named “Empire”.

Two suspects, Orce Kamchev and Sasho Mijalkov submitted guarantees to the Criminal Court and Skopje Court of Appeal, Kamchev offered 14.5 million euros, while Mijalkov offered a million euros guarantee.

Ninja: Everything was under UBK control and VMRO-DPMNE paramilitary headquarters

Skopje, 6 December, 2018 - 16:32 (META) 

The attack on Parliament on April 27 was commanded by the VMRO-DPMNE paramilitary headquarters. “For a United Macedonia” was formed by VMRO-DPMNE and had fictitious leaders. At the protests organized by “For a United Macedonia” 80% were from VMRO-DPMNE, who provided all the requisites which were used. I have seen all the leaders of the protest at the VMRO-DPMNE headquarters at Kiril Bozinovski’s, said defendant Aleksandar Vasilevski otherwise known as “Ninja” in his statement today before the court regarding the incursion on Parliament on April 27th, last year.

He said that he was put to work in the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK) by Goran Grujevski, and then he was Nikola Boskoski’s “eyes and ears”. Both have now fled to Greece.

According to him, operational data he came by, said that the organizers of the protests were paid by VMRO-DPMNE.

Answering a cross-examined question, whether the leaders of “For a United Macedonia” Igor Durlovski, Bogdan Ilievski – Batman, Boris Damovski and Vlado Jovanovski from VMRO-DPMNE, were paid to protest or protested for patriotic reasons, Ninja replied:

“I didn’t see with my own eyes what they had in their pockets after they saw Kiril Bozhinovski, but from the operational knowledge of the Fifth Administration I know that they were paid by VMRO-DPMNE. After all, Nikola Boshkoski told me that the director of the UBK, Vladimir Atanasovski informed him on the matter,” he said.

He went on to say around 18 o’clock, he was at the party headquarters. There, he added, there were people from the parliamentary command-operational headquarters of the party – Brishkovska-Boshkovski, Bozhinovski, Janakieski, and Chavkov.

From here, Ninja pointed out, they coordinated the events that took place on April 27th.

Responding to cross examined questions from the prosecution, Aleksandar Vasilevski-Ninja said that UBK had been following Zoran Zaev, Zoran Verusevski and Oliver Spasovski, even though he was the interior minister. He added that political analyst Albert Musliu was also followed and had hidden cameras placed when he was not at home.

Mijalkov will remain in detention and his appeal has been rejected

Skopje, 5 December, 2018 - 18:50 (META) 

The Criminal Council of the Basic Court I Skopje has rejected the appeal of UBK’s former Director, Sasho Mijalkov regarding the detention over the case of “Empire.”

The judges have assessed that there is a danger that Mijalkov might try to escape and to harass witnesses, and have confirmed the decision of the preliminary proceedings judge, who set a 30-day detention over the case of “Empire.”

“Acting upon the appeal lodged by the defendant’s defense that was against the decision of a preliminary proceedings judge that is accepting the suggestion of the Public Prosecution for pursuing criminal acts that have come out of the illegal wiretapping, for a detention in the case that is led by the public prosecution under the name of “Empire”, the Criminal Council of the Basic Court 1 during the previous day, has held a public session in the presence of both parties. After both parties’ presentation including the facts and the evidence presented in the appeal, the Council has made a decision to reject the plea and has confirmed the decision of the preliminary proceedings judge, in a way that it decided for the detention to continue because of the reasons that were set in Article 165, Alinea 1 from the Criminal Law, announced the Criminal Court.

Mijalkov not brought to court and hearing for “Titanic 2” case postponed

Skopje, 27 November, 2018 - 11:10 (META) 

Today’s hearing of the “Titanic 2” case where the accused are the former Director at the Administration for Security and Counter-intelligence (UBK) , Sasho Mijalkov, and the President of DPA, Menduh Tacci, was postponed.

If the hearing had taken place, it would have been Mijalkov’s first departure from the Skopje prison located in the area of Shuto Orizari, where he has been imprisoned for the last 9 days.

The reason for today’s postponement was Menduh Tacci’s request to attend the celebration of the Albanian flag in Tirana.

Apart from Mijalkov and Tacci, the following people are also accused in this case: Bedredin Ibraimi from the DPA, Elizabeta Stefanova, Vlatko Sajkovski and Sasho Srcev.

SPO launch new investigation “Empire”, Mijalkov and Kamchev family main suspects

Skopje, 9 November, 2018 - 14:34 (META) 

The Special Prosecutor’s Office has launched a new investigation under the code name “Empire”, against Jordan Kamchev, Sasho Mijalkov, Nenad Josifovic, Cvetan Pandeseski, Ratka Kunoska Kamcheva, Hristina Kamcheva Stojceska, Zorica Arsovska, Liljana Gajdoska, Vladislav Stajkovic, Todor Mircevski, Dejan Janev, Vance Mijalchev and Jovanche Taskovski. They are suspected of criminal offenses such as criminal association, damage or privilege of creditors, abuse of office, fraud and money laundering and “other proceeds of crime”.

Through a statement released to the public, the SPO inform that in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, 12 searches were carried out and five suspects were detained, who during the day will be brought before a judge for a preliminary hearing. Certain measures will be requested to secure attendance.

“During the pre-trial procedure, sufficient evidence was provided which led to the reasonable suspicion that in the period from 2002 to 2013, the suspects had committed crimes and are now being charged personally and through legal entities. The investigation will expand and look into new individuals and new criminal acts very soon. In regards to securing property – claims from damaged parties and securing property that are proceeds from crime, measures will be requested for temporary seizure of property “, say the SPO.

In the investigation, dozens of cases were taken over, which were previously conducted by the public prosecutor’s offices. The SPO jurisdiction is established on the same principle.

Ristovska: Mijalkov orchestrator of wiretapping, we have evidence and witnesses

Skopje, 1 September, 2018 - 11:46 (META) 

Sasho Mijalkov, former director of the Administration for Security and Counter-Intelligence (UBK) of the Ministry of Interior, is  creator of the idea of massive wiretapping, driven by political and business interests. In order to prove his guilt the SPO has provided  a substantial amount of evidence, but also witnesses who helped in the disclosure of the affair and the highlighting of the motives, said special prosecutor Lence Ristovska at today’s hearing in the “Target-Tvrdina” case.

“We will prove that Sasho Mijalkov, Goran Grujevski and Nadica Nikolic, led by a desire for total control regarding the flow of information, and so to gain an advantage in the political and business area’s, they formed a criminal association that through continuous abuse of the systems for monitoring the communications, UBK, they carried out massive campaign of illegal wiretapping”, Ristovska said.

According to the prosecutor, the accused included Vladimir Varelov, Vasil Isakovski, Marijan Shumulkovski and the witnesses, Marijan Jankulovski and Zvonko Kostovski, they were under the direct control of Mijalkov, who took part in the tapping  himself, said Ristovska.

“The defendant Mijalkov, as director of the UBK was organizer of the association, he kept all participants under his control and supervision, and at the same time, he, himself illegally monitored the communications of some of the citizens, and he also had an overview of all the telephone numbers which were being monitored. Gruevski as his closest associate forwarded Mijalkov’s requests and plans to Nikolic, who distributed tasks to other participants. She also ordered tasks by which certain telephone users would be targeted and transcribed”, explained the special prosecutor.

The request by the accused Sasho Mijalkov and Valentina Simonovska not to be tried for the offense they were charged with, was turned down. It was requested by the defendant’s lawyers who called on the amnesty that the president of the state, Gjorge Ivanov signed in 2015 for about 50 people, then under the scrutiny of the SPO in connection with the affair.

Judge Dzaneta Begovic, however, explained that the request was rejected because during the assessment of the indictment the decision had already been made, i.e. the defendants did not receive amnesty.

No more security details for Sasho Mijalkov

Skopje, 7 August, 2018 - 15:32 (META) 

Former director of the Administration for Security and Counter-Intelligence (UBK) Sasho Mijalkov, has had his security detail withdrawn, following information released by the Interior Ministry, reports MIA.

The decision was made before the public holiday, after an assessment was made that there was no longer a security risk to Mr Mijalkov.

After handing in his resignation in May 2015, six bodyguards and two vehicles from the Ministry of Interior were made available to Mijalkov for his personal security.

The Court decided MIjalkov will not go to trial for the Torture case and SPO announced an appeal

Skopje, 22 December, 2017 - 18:31 (META) 

The Criminal Court in Skopje decided that the former Head of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence will not go to a trial for the Torture case, but only the 6 members of the Alpha unit that arrested the party leader of United for Macedonia, Ljube Boshkovski for the case in the Campaign case in 2011.

The Council for indictment evaluation has partially accepted the charges in the Torture case i.e. the part where the accused ones are the 6 police officer but not the part that refers to the former Head of the secret police confirmed SPO for Meta.

Mijalkov, including the members of the Alpha unit, among which is the former Unit Commander, Ivica Anchevski – Puki, is charged with criminal acts such as “torture and other cruel, inhuman or humiliating acts and punishment.”

SPO said it is preparing to file an appeal about the Council’s decision about the indictment evaluation at the Appellate Court Skopje.

The indictment in the Titanic case accepted, Mijalkov and Tacci are the accused ones

Skopje, 7 December, 2017 - 16:19 (META) 

The Council for indictment evaluation at the Basic Court Skopje 1 accepted the SPO’s indictment for the Titanic 2 case regarding election rigging.

The following people were charged in this case: the former UBK’s Head, Sasho Mijalkov, DPA’s party leader Menduh Tacci, VMRO-DPMNE’s member at SEC, Sasho Srcev, including former members of SEC, Bedredin Ibraimi and Aneta Stefanovska and Vlatko Sajkovski.

The Council didn’t accept the proposal for indictments for five judges from the Administrative Court for a misuse of their position. Previously, the judiciary council abolished the immunity of the following judges: Biljana Nikodinovska – Petrovska, Lidija Ivanovska, Blagorodna Rangelova, Aneta Dzigerova and Gazment Fejzula, who protected them from indictments.

The Titanic 2 case refers to rigging election results at the local elections in 2013. According to the bombs that were revealed by the opposition, Mijalkov and Tacci have made an agreement for voting regarding lodged complaints at SEC.

The Appellate court decided that the wiretapped conversations can be used as evidence in the procedure.

The prosecution opens an investigation after Jeremić’s statements that Mijalkov had been laundering money

Skopje, 7 December, 2017 - 15:12 (META) 

The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption has initiated a pre-trial procedure due to the existence of indictments for money laundering by senior Macedonian officials, according to a statement given by former Serbian Foreign Minister, Vuk Jeremić, informs the prosecution.

Last week, Jeremić stated that the Czech company “Czechoslovak Group” last year in October, through a Belgrade-based firm, SCMG, bought the headquarters of the firm in Krusevac for four million euros, with a direct contract and without public advertisement. He said that under Serbian law, direct purchase agreements are allowed, but only in “special cases”, and “specifically in this case, this year in Macedonia, the dictatorial and deeply corrupt regime of Nikola Gruevski was brought down, the political twin brother of Serbian President, Aleksandar Vučić”.

“They are the people from that regime, and before everyone else, is Sasho Mijalkov, the former head of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK) and Gruevski’s “right hand”, who started extracting money in a panic, which he acquired from corrupt activities in Macedonia and to place the funds in various schemes, through tax havens, the Netherlands, and in the case of “October 14th”, through the Czech Republic”, stressed Jeremić.

The prosecution says the pre-trial procedure is a result of the published articles from several media outlets in the Republic of Macedonia regarding the statement made by the former Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of the People’s Party in the Republic of Serbia, Vuk Jeremić .