Qatar has waived its visa for Macedonia – starting from today citizens can stay up to 30 days

Qatar has announced today that it is waiving visas for citizens of 80 states among which is Macedonia, in order to stimulate tourism and air traffic. The decision enters into force immediately and it arrives less than a month after the Macedonian Minister of Transportation and Communications, Goran Sugareski has announced that Macedonia is on the list of countries with a different visa regime.

Starting from today, citizens of Macedonia, just like the citizens of the remaining 79 countries to which Qatar has granted a non-visa entry will need only a passport to enter into this country. Citizens of 33 countries can stay in Qatar for 180 days without a visa, while the remaining 47, including the Macedonians, have the right to stay up to 30 days and will have the right to prolong the stay only once.

The least features countries from the Schengen zone and countries from South America and Asia. Liban is the only Arab country from the Gulf that is not on the list.

Macedonia defeated by Croatia in Qatar

Доха, 21 January, 2015 - 18:32 (META) 

In a tense and difficult match, Macedonia lost to Croatia in the World Handball Championship in Qatar with the result 26:29.

In the first half (14:15), Macedonian handball team was playing excellent, and its game started slowly falling in the beginning of the second half.

Macedonia already secured an entry in the Round of 16 and will play its last group match on Friday (17:00) against the national team of Austria.