Brussels sent an invitation, but it never got to the right address

Скопје, 19 March, 2015 - 13:29 (META) 

After the information that the European Parliament invited VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM later this month at a meeting in Brussels, there is no official confirmation of the two biggest parties in Macedonia. Although both leaders, Zoran Zaev and Nikola Gruevski, generally want help from the international community in order the political crisis to be resolved, there is no official confirmation.

SDSM argue that they haven’t received such an invitation until today.

– We haven’t received any invitation. If we receive it, we will discuss and decide on our next steps – said Petre Shilegov, spokesman of SDSM.

The ruling party VMRO-DPMNE did not answer whether they received an invitation.