State Department on Kammenos Plan B: We firmly support the Prespa Agreement

Washington, 12 October, 2018 - 15:53 (META) 

“We firmly support the full implementation of the Prespa Agreement,” said a US State Department official replying to a question from the portal “” in Washington, on the US position on Panos Kammenos’s plan B, which was allegedly presented at his meeting with Wess Mitchell.

“We are not publicly announcing the details of our personal diplomatic talks, but the position of the United States is clear: we welcome the result of the referendum in the Republic of Macedonia on September 30, during which the citizens expressed their support for NATO and the European Union by accepting the Prespa Agreement between Macedonia and Greece. We firmly support the full implementation of the agreement, which will allow Macedonia to get a legal position in NATO and the EU as the Republic of North Macedonia, contributing to regional stability, security and prosperity,” the State Department official told

Kammenos: Regardless of the referendum, the Greek people will have the last word

Thessaloniki, 12 September, 2018 - 14:22 (META) 

Whatever the outcome of the referendum, the final word on the Prespa Accord will be given to the Greek people, either in a referendum or in elections, said the coalition partner in the Greek government Panos Kammenos, repeating his positions again, but revealing his next steps after Macedonia would complete the proposed obligations.

“My first proposal to the Prime Minister will be to address the Greek people, to ask for a referendum, from the Greek people to take a position on this change of decision of the leaders of the political parties. The second option we will have is any decision or debate in parliament to be postponed after the end of the four-year term. And the third and last will be the announcement of elections,” Kammenos said at a press conference at the 83rd International Fair in Thessaloniki and added that they have no mandate from the people to give away the term Macedonia any way.

The leader of the Independent Greeks explained that it was in the neighbors’ interest to “accept Greek positions” because Greece wants to help economically, “but history can not be forged and the name Macedonia used.”

“There is no Macedonian nationality, nor does a Macedonian language exist, you speak Slavic,” said Kammenos.

Kammenos: Zaev and Dimitrov infuriate the Greek people with their statements

Vienna, 30 August, 2018 - 18:03 (META) 

At an informal summit of EU defense ministers in Vienna, Greek Defense Minister and leader of the right-wing Independent Greeks, Panos Kammenos, said that the mention of a Macedonian nation goes against any agreement and infuriates the Greek people, who will also have the last word, regardless of the referendum and the constitutional changes in Macedonia, the Greek Ministry of Defense announced.

“In his address he highlighted the fact that Skopjan officials, the Prime Minister himself and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, by making provocative statements against Greece, jeopardize the efforts to reach a solution. Their reference to a “Macedonian nation” is against all agreements. In this way, they only achieve to enrage the Greek people, who will be the ones to have the final word, regardless of the referendum and the constitutional changes in Skopje,” reads the statement.

Kammenos wants a referendum in Greece concerning the name issue

Athens, 14 January, 2018 - 19:42 (META) 

The leader of the Independent Greeks, Panos Kammenos , in his column on Sunday’s edition of the newspaper “Dimokratia”, says that a referendum will have to be held in Greece, on the “new name of the northern neighbor”.

“The Greek people will have to decide this, without precedent in the history of mankind, the deviation of culture and the culture of another people,” Kammenos writes, explaining that any inclusion of the term Macedonia in the name would mean a decline in Greek culture and history.

The coalition partner in the Greek government also pointed out that the government is now talking about a complex name with a geographical determinant, but in Tsipras’s pre-election program, nowhere is it mentioned that the compound name would include the term Macedonia.