The trial in Ahmeti and Xhaferi’s lawsuit against Bogoevski postponed for January 27

Skopje, 31 October, 2016 - 13:41 (META) 

Today’s hearing of the civil law suit between DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, Vice-President Musa Xhaferi against the former Director of the Administration of Security and Counterintelligence was postponed at the request of Slobodan Bogoevski’s lawyers.

The only one present at the hearing was the defendant Bogoevski, while plaintiffs Xhaferi and Ahmeti did not attend and were represented by their lawyers. The trial aroused great interest among the media, because of the narrow space in the court, journalists followed the hearing from outside the front door which was left open.

Bogoevski’s lawyers from outside the court stated that deadlines had not been respected, for submitting a written response by the defendant in connection with the allegations made in the lawsuit.

According to them, that deadline was a period of at least 15 days and a maximum of 30 days and as they had not yet passed, lawyers asked the court to determine an additional 15 days to be able to answer the complaint.

This was met with a heated reaction from Ahmeti and Xhaferi’s lawyers, who say Bogoevski duly received the complaint on October 7 and hired lawyers who have investigated the matter.

“The justification that they had not received an invitation from the court for a written response to the complaint is frivolous”, said Ahmeti’s lawyers.

The judge accepted the request of Bogoevski’s lawyers and the next hearing has been scheduled for January 11, next year.

Otherwise at the Basic Court Skopje 2 two cases are being tried in which Xhaferi and Ahmeti are sueing Bogoevski for presenting a testimony before the US authorities in the case “Magyar Telecom”.

Ahmeti is seeking 3 million denars from Bogoevski 3 million in damages, while Xhaferi is seeking 2.5 million denars.

After today’s hearing, Bogoevski said the goal of the entire process against him is so Xhaferi and Ahmeti can broker a judgment which would then be used in the proceedings pending before the judicial authorities in the US and our Macedonian prosecutor for organized crime.

Otherwise the lawsuit against Bogievski was filed in December last year.

He and his lawyers maintained that that trial was scheduled before elections as an attempt by prosecutors to benefit from the pre-election period and the current political situation.

When asked by reporters if there will be an epilogue of the procedure being conducted in the US case “Magyar Telecom” Bogoevski said it would be the beginning of May next year, adding that by then, he would not share any details about his testimony before the US authorities .

Xhaferi: The Government is responsible for the failure of the analysis of the Framework Agreement

Skopje, 10 November, 2015 - 13:19 (META) 

DUI’s Vice-President and Deputy Prime Minister for implementing the Ohrid Framework Agreement Musa Xhaferi before the PMs Clubhouse said they were continuing the debate on the Ohrid Agreement.

As Xhaferi had told the meeting which had been attended by representatives of political parties, University Professors and representatives from various NGOs who work in that field.

“There are different opinions concerning the use of language and it should be regulated in the Constitution or by a separate law. We need to create an atmosphere and show our political determination to implement these activities”, said Xhaferi.

When asked by a journalist whether as Deputy Prime Minister he feels responsible for implementing the Framework Agreement and after several written requests written on the progress report of the country, there still hasn’t been an assessment of the Framework Agreement, Xhaferi said that the responsibility for the failure of analysis of the Framework Agreement is collectively the whole government. According to Xhaferi, the analysis is now being conducted and it will be for the good of all citizens.

Xhaferi: The words “free and fair elections” lost meaning in Macedonia

Skopje, 29 September, 2015 - 12:11 (META) 

“In Macedonia there is no unity between political parties to the Framework Agreement. Which party hires more people, wins the elections”, said Deputy Prime Minister Musa Xhaferi, in charge of implementing the Framework Agreement at today’s conference on the agreement in Skopje.

“The words “free and fair elections” lost meaning in this country”, said Mr Xhaferi.

Xhaferi: Swiss Language Model a good base for Macedonia

Skopje, 29 September, 2015 - 11:38 (META) 

In the coming months, until the New Year, various political working groups will undertake an in-depth study and analysis of the Ohrid Framework Agreement. Information and results will be announced at an international conference due to organised in December. This was the outcome of today’s conference on the Framework Agreement, which was attended, among others, by Macedonian Deputy Prime Minister Musa Xhaferi, who has the responsibility for the implementation of the Framework Agreement. Pieter Feith, from the Institute For Peace, and OSCE Ambassador to Macedonia Nina Suomalainen . According to Mr Xhaferi, the best method to implement the Framework Agreement is the Swiss example, whereby all ethnic groups involved speak three common languages.

“If we fail to achieve this level of communication, some groups could miss out on other nationality’s speeches. The Framework Agreement should serve to open up opportunities for Macedonia’s EU membership bid. All the working groups will work on the conceptualization of political reform for the nation to move closer to Brussels” said Xhaferi.

Mr Xhaferi was also pressed for for an answer as to why this process had not yet been completed after so long. Mr Xhaferi could only answer by insisting that the process was a long process that to be handled with caution and patience. Head of the OSCE mission in Macedonia Nina Suomalainen is reported to be pleased with the success of the Framework Agreement, saying ” We support a detailed study and analysis so that the government can see through implementation of the Framework Agreement. We also want to see more clearly defined multi-ethnic cohesion. We also believe that we need to find new models, which could incorporate current trends, such as the present government’s strategy for integrated education.”

For Pieter Feith, the agreement is a very good basis on which to build Macedonian efforts to join the EU, he went on to say ” Commissioner Hahn was recently in Skopje and clearly indicated that the implementation of the Framework Agreement will bring Macedonia closer to the EU.”

However Mr Feith added that full implementation takes time. Mr Xhaferi faced questioning on why details of the workings of the secretariat of the Framework Agreement are fully closed and not transparent Mr Xhaferi noted that in the following period any proposals will be received on the eve of the proposed International Conference in December. One question Mr Xhaferi refused to answer was a journalist’s inquiry as to the exact number of Albanians employed in the state’s public administration.

Musa Xhaferi: Bogoevski at court will have to prove allegations of “Magyar Telekom” affair

Skopje, 11 September, 2015 - 10:09 (META) 

Musa Xhaferi Deputy Prime Minister for implementation of the Ohrid Framewrok Agreement, said he was preparing criminal charges against the former head of the secret police, Slobodan Bogoevski. Mr Bogoevski allegations stated that he and party leader Ali Ahmeti, are implicated in the scandal of “Magyar Telekom”, reported “Portalb” .

“The charges against me relating to the organization of even murders are serious and difficult. These are issues of a personal nature and I will sue for slander. He will have to prove all of his allegations to our institutions”, said Xhaferi.

Musa Xhaferi requests a new analysis of the implementation of the Framework Agreement

Skopje, 2 July, 2015 - 16:35 (META) 

Analysis with a new approach for the implementation of the Ohrid agreement was announced today by Deputy Prime Minister for Implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement Musa Xhaferi at the session of the Committee on Inter-Community Relations.

On 15th of July, he announced a meeting on which representatives of several institutions and concerned parties will give their opinion on the implementation of the Ohrid agreement.

According to DPA MEPs, Ohrid Framework Agreement is not and never began to be realized. The document was only signed.