At a meeting with Dimitrov, Hahn gave his support for the government’s reforms

Tallinn, 8 September, 2017 - 19:48 (META) 

At the margins of an informal meeting with the ministers of foreign affairs of the countries members of the European Union and the countries – candidates for a EU membership that took place in Tallinn, today, the Head of the Macedonian diplomacy, Nikola Dimitrov has had a meeting with the Eu Commissioner Johannes Hahn, announced the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“At the meeting, the Head of the Macedonian diplomacy has introduced the EU Commissioner with the achievements during the government’s first 100 days in office and he greeted the progress and gave his support for the process including the steps it undertook to improve the good neighborly relations,” said the press release.

Also, Minister Dimitrov took part in the working lunch with the countries-candidates, during which the EU’s policy for enlargement and the status of the reforms in the countries candidates were discussed. Dimitrov also had discussions with colleagues from Bulgaria, Greece, Netherlands, Great Britain and Slovenia.

Taravari is preparing new changes of directors and birth certificates to be issued for newborns in hospital

Skopje, 17 July, 2017 - 9:16 (META) 

Hygiene in hospitals remains a major problem, and in the next five to six months, one of my main focus will be hygiene in all hospitals, said Minister of Health Arben Taravari, following today’s cleaning the space between clinics’s buildings in the Clinical Center, Skopje. He announced that the findings of inspections in some hospitals will be disclosed soon, and then, there will be fines.

“There will be fines for managers and employees, and that will be up to the inspectors. The state of the Gynecology Clinic is terrible, and it’s no better in Stip’s hospital, either”, said Taravari.

He added that there is a possibility that they may hire a private company to clean the hospitals, to prevent hospital infections.

“We are already thinking about solutions and how to resolve the problem. Perhaps, we will hire foreign companies, firstly, we can try to that with two hospitals,..a cleaning company, free of charge, will start working with the Clinic in Gostivar and the Gynecology Clinic, and we will wait for the results. If it is satisfactory to patients and physicians, and if hospital infections are reduced, then, we will decide whether we will implement the same in other clinics”, said Taravari.

Regarding the revisions of up to date work and the appointing of new directors within the healthcare institutions and clinics, the Minster said that there will be changes in the upcoming weeks.

“So far, only the Ministry of Health has been audited, and we will do the same with the other clinics when we appoint new directors. We will carry on with appointing directors this week, but slowly, we are not in a hurry, because 70-80% of the clinics will have new directors, in the next few weeks”, Taravari said.

He announced that a change in the “My Term” system will soon be promoted, meaning, newborns will be registered in the birth register on the same day they are born and will receive a birth certificate immediately, as well as a calendar of vaccines with recommendations for the mother for the first few months.

“It’s about novelty, when the child is born, a birth certificate will be issued immediately and recommendations for mothers for their first couple of months …”, said the minister, announcing more details for the following week.

VMRO-DPMNE: Connecting the murders at Smiljkovsko Lake with the work of the MOI is necrophilia

Skopje, 13 July, 2017 - 19:05 (META) 

The opposition VMRO-DPMNE accused the Minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski and SDSM that today’s briefing by the MOI, where invoices were presented, bills and data for the expenditure of the directors of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK), the Public Safety Bureau (BJB) and VMRO-DPMNE ministers, that when in power, “were dealing with last year’s snow”.

“SDS has been trying to link Nikola Mladenov’s tragic traffic accident as necrophilia, the terrible murders at Smiljkovsko Lake, and the events in Divo Naselje with operative work of the services and their contacts with foreign visitors, delegations and collaborators. SDS’s manipulation of the lowest level is an attempt to deceive the public that MOI officials were squandering funds. Two years ago, i.e. when SDS came into power, the MOI cooperated with numerous services that gave exceptional results recognized internationally, as well”, said the response.

The party told Spasovski not to defocus the public, but, instead, to start dealing with real problems, pointing out that the residents of Ljuboten are expecting an answer regarding who vandalized the orthodox cemeteries.

Deputy Ministers voted in, they start their functions as of today

Skopje, 22 June, 2017 - 19:22 (META) 

At today’s session of Parliament, after several hours of discussion, in which the opposition MPs gave more addresses, the 15 deputy ministers proposed by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev were voted in with 62 votes in favor.

Five MPs abstained, while the other 108 MPs did not respond at all by pressing the button.

The Parliament Speaker, Talat Xhaferi, congratulated the deputy ministers and pointed out that the mandate of the current deputies ends from this moment.

The Deputy Minister of Defense is Bekim Maksuti, Deputy Interior Minister – Agim Nuhiu, Deputy Justice Minister – Oliver Ristovski, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs – Arta Toci, Deputy Minister of Finance – Shirete Elezi, Deputy Minister of Economics – Kire Naumov, Deputy Minister of Forestry and Water Management – Vlasto Dimkovic, Deputy Minister of Health – Goce Cakarovski, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy – Elmy Naziri, Deputy Minister of Local Government – Dejan Pavlevski, Deputy Minister for Alagjozovski will be Vladimir Lazovski, Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration – Vladimir Bajdevski, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications – Ramzi Mehmeti And Deputy Minister of Environment and Physical Planning is Jani Makraduli

Poposki for “La Verità”: Best way to combat foreign interference is the swift formation of Government

Skopje, 15 January, 2017 - 15:43 (META) 

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Poposki in an interview with the Italian newspaper “La Verità” says the best way to combat foreign interference is the swift formation of a Government.

“From today, until the end of the month, we will face days which will be crucial for our country. We are ready to become more stable and stronger. Our goal is to join the European Union and NATO. We are a small country and therefore we should make our relations with the EU more stable. When you are outside of the major coalitions and when you are small, it is easy to fall under the influence of external factors. This mostly arises from the lack of stability. Now that we have stability, I am sure that any foreign influences will withdraw. When the government fell in 2015, there was a lot of foreign pressure from players on the international scene and foreign intelligence services. Without counting the foundations and the lobbying from before that, Macedonian civil societies are still being pushed”, said Poposki in an interview with the Italian newspaper.

Poposki told “La Verita” that NGOs are welcome if they carry out activities in support of their host communities, and if they do something else, then they are not welcome.

“The Open Society finances entities who in a non-transparent manner are engaged in politics, and this is unacceptable to us. In fact, these entities result in pressure on the media and inappropriate influence on public opinion. However, above all, they have begun political battles, and by some alleged coincidence, they are always applying pressure in one direction. Always in favour of the Socialist coalition. This, according to us, is destabilizing”, said Poposki.

Spasovski: I have not been dismissed, I am still at work

Skopje, 14 December, 2016 - 13:17 (META) 

Oliver Spasovski is still the Minister of Interior and Frosina Tashevska-Remenski is still the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, and have both categorically denied that they were dismissed. Today they confirmed for “Meta” that they are working in their capacities as ministers and say that they will remain at their functions until the State Election Commission announces the final results of the election.

Oliver Spasovski told “Meta” that after the SEC reviews and decides on the appeals and complaints, they will announce the final results, and then he will finish his mandate.

“How can the Government dismiss us when Parliament appointed us? I am at work and performing my ministerial function. The law clearly states that our mandate can be terminated when the final election results are official. When the SEC reviews all 16 appeals which were filed, when the whole procedure is completed, then ask for a new minister”, said Spasovski.

Spasovski’s colleague, the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Frosina Tashevska-Remenski, also says she is performing her duties in the ministry as normal.

“If until now, the voice and words of Nikola Gruevski were above the law, then that’s another problem. What the party leader said are not the final results. That is for the SEC to announce, who have yet to release the official results. Our mandate, as a transitional government, ends right up to the moment when the SEC have the the final word. I have a full mandate and I am performing my duties regularly at the ministry”, said Remenski for “Meta”.

MOI: Dime Spasov caused two car accidents and fled the scene

Skopje, 31 October, 2016 - 8:53 (META) 

The Ministry of Interior issued a statement this afternoon about the accident on Friday night which occurred near the Real Estate Cadastre Agency in the Municipality of Karposh, which was said to have been caused by additional Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Dime Spasov.

In the statement by the Ministry of Interior, they stated that the driver with the initials D.S. caused two car accidents with the vehicle brand “Touareg” and fled the scene, and a different person was reported to the police, with the initials M.T, but they then realized that the person reported did not know the circumstances of the situation and concluded that someone else was driving the vehicle.

“On October 28, 2016, at 23:20pm, E.A. called the emergency number 192 and reported that in the City Park in Skopje, while driving on the service road towards hotel “Park” with their car “Volkswagen” with Skopje license plates, they had been hit by another vehicle, a “Touareg” with Skopje license plates, who had been driving in the opposite direction. The driver that caused the accident did not stop, and fled the scene, and the person who reported the accident to the police followed the driver who had fled the scene of the accident. The driver of the “Touareg” continued to move down the Franklin Roosevelt Street, after which he turned right down Metropolitan Theodosius Gologanov Street, and then Njudelhiska Street, where the driver caused a second accident, hitting another vehicle with Skopje license plates, and again, did not stop and fled the scene again and continued to Alzirska Street, where he was finally stopped by a police patrol. Police officers, personally and directly determined that the vehicle was owned by the Employment Agency, and inside the vehicle was the driver D.S. accompanied by T.K.”, reads the statement by the Interior Ministry.

The police stated, that D.S. had told the police officer that he was driving the vehicle, and while police attempted to determine the identity of his companion, D.S fled the scene on foot. Police teams and “Alfa” units carried out searches in the immediate area, but D.S. was not found.

Later, around 2:00 am, at the scene where the vehicle was left, a person with the initials M. T. arrived and told the police told he had been driving the “Touareg”.

“From the statement made by M.T. it can be concluded that that the person in question does not know the circumstances concerning the previously described accidents, which indicates that he was not driving the vehicle. The statement by M.T. does not correspond with the statement by T.K the companion of D.S. nor does it correspond with statements by police officers who were at the scene, who found that in the vehicle there were only two people, D.S. and T. K.”, the statement said.

This morning retraction and lawsuits have been announced and sent from Spasov’s office, where they stated the story had been set-up to deliberately destroy the image and rating of the additional deputy minister.

Law on Internal Affairs to be withdrawn, final assessment of Agreement on August 31

Skopje, 20 July, 2016 - 21:57 (META) 

A new transitional government is to be formed one hundred days before the election. New amendments to the Law on Internal Affairs will be suspended, a meeting of political leaders will be organized by the end of August, while the Electoral Roll has to be fully cleansed as well as reforms to the media must be complete. This is just part of the final agreement reached by political parties, signatories to the Pržino Agreement today, after several rounds of negotiations.

“I have good news, the political parties have reached an agreement one year after the Pržino Agreement. I hope that this agreement will put the country on the path towards credible elections, which all political parties will recognise and participate in. The agreement provides for the cleansing of the electoral roll, measures for a more balanced media coverage, and a transitional government will be formed one hundred days before the election. Leaders of the political parties will meet on August 31 to assess the situation and reach a final agreement concerning the date for the forthcoming elections. The parties agreed to implement Urgent Reform Priorities for the continuation of Euro-Atlantic integration”, said US Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily.

Government believes ammendments are practical in controling policing prior to Elections

Skopje, 6 July, 2016 - 17:51 (META) 

With amendments to the Law on Internal Affairs, which proposes the State Secretary in the Ministry of Interior to be appointed by the Government, and with the already adopted amendments to the Law on Policing, the government wants to tie the hands of the new Minister, who would be the Head of the Interior Ministry during the election campaign, says Pavle Trajanov, an MP from an opposition party, the Democratic Alliance.

According to Trajanov, the purpose of the amendments is to reduce the power of the Minister, as with the amendments to the law, the minister will not be able to decide on the choice of the State Secretary to his own Ministry, which according to the current laws is selected by senior officials from the Ministry of Interior. With the new changes, that choice would become political, and would not be made within the Ministry and its senior staff.

The same intentions were meant for the amendments to the Law on Policing, which ten days ago was on the agenda of Parliament, says Trajanov. With the amendments to Articles 17 and 18 of the Law on Policing, which is the jurisdiction of the work on the part of the criminal police, uniformed police, border police, special police forces and other units, the changes will mean that units will now be organized within the Public Security Bureau (PSB), although until now they have been under the authority of the Central Police Services (CPS). Otherwise, the Chief of the Central Police Services was appointed the Minister of Interior.

“The Directors of the Public Security Bureau (PSB) and the Security and Counter-Intelligence Agency (UBK) are appointed by the Government and the intention here is clear. With these amendments, it is an intrusion into the Law on Policing, with the aim to reduce the minister’s power during the election campaign. This will also be done with the proposed amendments to the Law on Internal Affairs, where the Government will select the State Secretary”, says Trajanov.

The explanation of the proposed amendments to the Law on Internal Affairs, which has been signed by MPs from the majority of the ruling VMRO-DPMNE and the DUI, Sasho Akjimoski, Pavle Sazdov, Marjanco Kolevski, Nada Cipusheva and Talat Xhaferi say the changes are for the practical applications of the law.

“Considering the current practicalities of the law, it has been determined that the positioning of the State Secretary in the Ministry of Interior should be otherwise decided. Rather than being selected from amongst senior staff at the Ministry, this Act proposes that the person should be appointed and dismissed by the Government, upon the guidance of the Minister of Interior”, states the parliamentary proposal which has been submitted in regards to amending the existing law.

Due to practical reasons and “economical and specialized conduct required in areas of police work” were part of the explanation for the proposed amendments to the Law on Policing, which was initiated by the Government.

The proposals of the amendments to the two laws will be executed in a fast track procedure.

The present State Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, Anastasija Ilieska was today named the new Director of the Public Revenue Office (PRO).

Spasovski: Without a new, crystal clear and reliable voters list, fair elections will not be possible

Skopje, 26 December, 2015 - 14:44 (META) 

The deadlines for renewing the electoral roll have been missed. After all the abuse we found and we have only we scratched the surface around the way personal documents were issued by the MOI, who voted, it is more than clear that the existing voters’ list is disputable, with strong indications of criminal data within the list, which compromises the elections, said Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski in an interview with ‘Utrinski’ Newspaper.

“The MOI has taken the case and will take all necessary steps in accordance with legal responsibilities and powers. As you know, the electoral roll is now handled entirely by the State Election Commission, which should determine the methodology of renewal. But the deadlines for this are long gone. Without a new crystal clear and reliable voters’ list, it is not possible to hold fair elections”, said Spasovski.

As for the situation on the border, he says is under control and stable. The security forces, he said,are acting at the highest level of professionalism.

“There is an influx of migrants, the majority of people who are there are not there because they want to be there, but because they had to flee from their home countries. Among them are children, and maltreated people on their long journey to get here. Macedonia is bound by international conventions to protect their human rights, as has a responsibility to its citizens to ensure their stability and safety. Therefore the state must focus its capacity to provide security for the citizens of Macedonia and the humane treatment of the refugees. The MOI are working in that direction. We have regular communication and coordination with the countries of the region and we are in constant contact and coordination with countries of the European Union, because this problem is common problem, it effects us all”, Spasovski said in the interview.