The full recording regarding the “Bribe” case will not be released, Sachevaliev says that Zaev asked for one euro for SDSM

Skopje, 26 March, 2018 - 16:15 (META) 

At today’s hearing, regarding the “Bribe” case which has been taking place at the Basic Court Skopje I, however, the full recording will not be shown of this case, of which the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has been accused.

The reason for that is that the Prosecution asked for the decision to publish the tape in writing, because he wants to appeal to a higher court.

Zaev has been accused, as a mayor of Strumica, for asking a bribe for about 160,000 euros from Ivan Nikolov Sachevaliev from Strumica, for legalization of construction land.

At today’s hearing in the Basic Court Skopje I, Sachevaliev said that Zaev, as a mayor of Strumica, asked for 300,000 euro bribe for the privatization of five plots of state construction land, and from this sum, one third for him, one for SDSM , and one for the church in Strumica.

He explained that on December 19th that year, he decided to report Zaev to the Ministry of Interior, after which he received the recording equipment. However, at the second meeting, he reduced the bribe to an additional two euros, i.e. he cut one third off he asked for SDSM.

The mayor of Athens supports the mayor of Thessaloniki: Boutaris is a true patriot

Athens, 15 February, 2018 - 15:08 (META) 

After the mayor of Thessaloniki was put under pressure due to his proposal for a potential change of the name of the airport in Thessaloniki, named as “Macedonia” he received a support from the Mayor of Athens Giorgos Kaminis, who described him as a true patriot.

“Patriotism means to serve in the interest of the citizens with realism. Yiannis Boutaris is a true patriot” wrote Kammins on his Twitter account where he shared a joint photograph with the mayor of Thessaloniki.

Shilegov: It was not just the “Mercedes”, there were VIP cabins in the cable cars on Vodno

Skopje, 25 November, 2017 - 15:24 (META) 

Today, the Mayor of Skopje, Petre Shilegov posted photos on his Facebook profile of VIP cabins from the Millennium Cross’s cable cars, which where purchased by the previous government, and as he says, were not for the general use of the public.

“It was not just the ‘Mercedes’…. the VIP cabins in the cable cars, were not for general use”, wrote Shilegov on Facebook.

Otherwise, the cable cars on Sredno Vodno to the Millennium Cross were opened to the general public at the beginning of June, 2011 by the cities authorities at the time.

At the time, the media reported that the cable cars to the Millennium Cross had 28 cabins for eight people, and two VIP cabins for four people. This information is also on the official website of the Public Transport Company “Skopje”, who operate and control the cable cars.

An employee from the municipality of Veles has threatened Zaev and Baily with hanging

Veles, 6 November, 2017 - 16:01 (META) 

Today, the newly-elected mayor of the municipality of Veles, Ace Kocevski, at a press conference accused MP Ilija Dimovski of having a personal driver who was employed in the municipality and is causing damage to the budget for large sums of money.

According to Kocevski’s calculations, the total debt of the Municipality of Veles amounts to 169.197.606 denars or 2.751.180 euros.

Kocevski pointed out that there are indications that two employees of the municipal administration participated in the bloody events in Parliament on April the 27th and added that appropriate measures would be initiated if this proves to be true.

Among other things, during the mandate of the previous mayor, Slavco Chadiev, it was noted that the municipal administration was overstaffed and were working for the benefit of a political party during working hours, which led to serious criminal offences.

“An employee sent extreme and violent messages such as, “Greet the leader of Murtino and the one who sends money from the embassy, but before Veles is bilingual, you and them will hang in the middle of the neighborhood….” And now I have to work with this person? Asked Kocevski.

Taravari has promised in three languages that there won’t be any divisions in Gostivar

Skopje, 2 November, 2017 - 16:48 (META) 

The new mayor of the municipality of Gostivar, the former Minister of Health, Arben Taravari, congratulated the new members of the Municipality’s Council their appointment in Albanian, Macedonian and Turkish language and has called them to cooperate. He and the advisors have received their certificates from the municipality’s Election Commission and have started their mandates.

-The municipality will serve all of the citizens of Gostivar regardless of their convictions i.e. political, ethnic or religious convictions – said Taravari, among other issues.

He said that an agreement was reached with other political parties on a local level and the majority in the Council has been reached.

-In the past few days, we had meetings and according to the last meeting, we have a support of 17 advisors. Still, I would like that majority to be above 20 and all decisions to be supported by more advisors -said Taravari.

The former mayor of Gjorche Petrov municipality, Sokol Mitrevski was taken into custody

Skopje, 1 November, 2017 - 11:07 (META) 

The former mayor of Gjorce Petrov municipality, Sokol Mitrevski, was taken into custody this morning, confirmed for Meta agency sources from the ongoing investigation.

According to unofficial information, Mitrevski was arrested for misuse of his position and authorizations, regarding the illegal re-allocation of land on the territory of the municipality and the illegal approval of giving a property under concession.

Five more employees at the municipality were arrested with Mitrevski.

It is expected that Mitrevski will be taken to one of the police stations either in Kisela Voda or in Gazi Baba.

Mitrevski was a mayor of Gjorce Petrov for three mandates. In 2005, he won as an independent candidate, while at the local elections in 2009 and 2013 he was the VMRO-DPMNE’s candidate.

Mitrevski is a retired army general, one of the founders of the Faculty of defense in Skopje and a longstanding professor at the Military Academy. he was an adjutant to both late presidents Kiro Gligorov and Boris Trajkovski.

Subpoena for the mayor of Berovo because he was travelling without a travel warrant

Berovo, 6 October, 2017 - 17:42 (META) 

A subpoena for Dragi Nadzinski, the mayor of Berovo, was lodged by the Sector of Interior (SoI) Shtip, announced MoI.

In the subpoena that was lodged at the Basic Public Prosecution in Berovo, it states that D.N. from Berovo has misused his position and authorization.

According to the police, as a mayor of Berovo, Nadzinski has used the municipality’s vehicle, between 1st of July 2015 and until 1st of July 2017, without providing a warrant for a business trip abroad from the municipality’s supervising organ, including not providing warrants or invitations for a trip abroad.

The police is charging him with 32 similar felonies and he has also provided transport for other persons. Previously, MoI has lodged subpoenas against the mayors of Shtip, Veles, Kriva Palanka, Negotino, Novo Selo and there were verdicts against the mayors of Prilep and Kavadarci.

Mayoral candidate from Besa in Saraj receives a death threat

Skopje, 6 October, 2017 - 17:38 (META) 

Just before 17:00, the candidate for mayor from Besa for the municipality of Saraj, Bashkim Bakiu recieved a death threat. The case was repotred to the police.

According to the Skopje Ministry of Interior , around 19:00, Bashkim Bakiu, a resident of the town, Ljubin came to the police station and told them he had received a SMS with threatening content on his mobile phone.

However, because he was in a rush to make an unannounced rally in the area of Derven in the village of Saraj, he gave up the opportunity to formally report the case and left. Then, at 19.50, he called on the police telephone number 192 and reported the rally and asked for police security.

“Mr. Bakiu, I spent ten years in jail and, if necessary, I will do ten more. You will be gone if you continue your activities tonight and hold rallies. Tonight I will wait for you in Derven, where you will hold your gathering”, reads the threatening message received by Mr Bakiu.

The rally ended without any problems, after which police officers told him to report the case to the Police Department Saraj, said the Skopje Interior Ministry.

Bakiu told Portabl he also informed the international threat factor.

“The threat will not stop me. Only God gives life and takes it away! The case has been reported to both the police and the international factor for threats”, said Bakiu, reported Portalb.

Zaev in Prilep announces municipal debates and a friendly campaign

Prilep, 1 October, 2017 - 9:32 (META) 

Today, in Prilep, the leader of SDSM and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced his party’s campaign – municipal debates. The first one opened today at noon in the town under Markovite Kuli (Marko’s Towers) and said that by doing this, the campaign of SDSM and the coalition receives “a new modern style and format”.

“I am glad that today, we are starting with a new modern style in this part of the campaign, which is the introduction of municipal debates. Here we are in the centre of Prilep together with our candidate, Dr. Ilija, with whom we intend to discuss with citizens, to debate important events and to announce the future practice of the new mayor regarding communication with citizens on the issues that are being addressed by them and what are important for their daily lives”, Zaev said.

He said the pre-election campaign was taking place in a friendly atmosphere.

“I am happy that the campaign is taking place in a really friendly atmosphere everywhere”, said the leader of SDSM.

Unlike Zaev, Nikola Srbov, a member of the Executive Committee of VMRO-DPMNE, said at today’s press conference that there is no fair and democratic electoral atmosphere. He pointed out that on September 27th, the independent candidate for the mayor of Kicevo, Alit Abazi, was shot dead, with two more people, one of which was the head of his election headquarters, and said that “the underground, encouraged by Zaev’s politics, begins to be more brutal and calculated by people from the opposite camp.”

“It is the atmosphere in which this election campaign is taking place. It has been stained with blood and incidents in the first week. Shots and injuries have already happened after just a few days of the campaign. This is not a fair and democratic election atmosphere. This is a classical abuse of power that must be stopped and someone must take responsibility”, said Srbov, pointing out that the examples shown by this are the case of September 23rd, when the “alpha team” , under threat of weapons at a rally, searched the candidate for VMRO-DPMNE for mayor of Kavadarci, Mitko Janchev, as well as the demolition of VMRO-DPMNE’s election headquarters in Kisela Voda two days later and the demolition of the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Serbs on September 27th.

Shilegov: The place for a Panoramic Wheel is in an amusement park, not the riverbed of Vardar

Skopje, 29 September, 2017 - 19:01 (META) 

The centre of Skopje is not an amusement park, and the place for a panoramic wheel is in an amusement park, and not by the riverbed of the Vardar river, stated SDSM candidate for mayor of the City of Skopje, Petre Shilegov.

He said that if he becomes mayor, he will consult the public with expertise on all decisions.

“That way we will find the best expert solution in order to make a valid decision. If you make a decision about what will happen with “Skopje 2014”, you will be the new Nikola Gruevski. As for the panoramic wheel, all aspects need to be looked at, to see what’s happening with the project. Its place is not on the riverbed of the Vardar river. However, everything we do, we will do the least harm to the citizens, as it is their money which was invested. I hope that this project will succeed in a timely manner, if it is not too far along, we can stop the panoramic wheel’s location, it’s place is in an amusement park. The centre of Skopje is not an amusement park”, said Shilegov.

He said he would respect the will of the citizens about the look of GTC and leave it open to everyone.