Government condemns hate speech directed at victims of Greece fires

Skopje, 25 July, 2018 - 14:35 (META) 

The Government has condemned hate speech directed at victims of the fire in Athens via social networks, said government spokesman, Mile Bosnjakovski, while responding to a journalist’s question whether a certain procedure would be initiated against those people.

“We express are condolences with the victims in Greece. Hate speech is not acceptable for Macedonia as a modern state whose aspirations are membership in NATO and the EU”, answered Bosnjakovski.

At a regular press conference in the Government, he was asked if the Government would demand the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Kocho Angjushev regarding a grant from the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, to which Bosnjakovski replied that the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office had put together a case and if there were irregularities he would be held accountable according to legal regulations.

Regarding the current political processes after the leaders’ meeting, he added that they are now taking place in Parliament and that there is nothing new concerning what leaders announced after the meeting.

Moscow: The agreement concerning the name, instead of consensus, provoked additional friction

Moscow, 18 July, 2018 - 19:21 (META) 

The solution for the name should be based on a broad social consensus and an impeccable constitutional basis. With the Prespa Agreement this is not the case. It just caused additional schisms in both Greece and the Republic of Macedonia, said Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at today’s press briefing, stated the Russian Embassy in Skopje via their Twitter account.

“We are confused by the statement of Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev that some businessmen who are sympathetic to Russia are allegedly financing an anti-government protest movement in Macedonia, concerning the agreement reached with Greece. The purpose of these allegations at Moscow’s expense are aimed at creating anti-Russian hysteria. There is no evidence, nor will there be anything that could confirm the words of Zoran Zaev”, said Zakharova.


Reuters: Russian diplomats in Greece involved in “many illegal activities” in protests against Macedonia

Athens, 11 July, 2018 - 18:56 (META) 

The Russian diplomats that Greece is due to expel regarding interference in Greece’s domestic affairs, as well as an attempt to undermine the agreement for the name with Macedonia, have been involved in “many illegal activities” related to protests against the Agreement in Greece, reports Reuters News Agency.

The agency reports that Greece had issued official warnings to Russian authorities on Friday, giving the diplomats a few days to leave the country.

Allegations against the Russian diplomats concern involvement in rallies against a deal with Macedonia, as well as attempts to offer money to state officials and church dignitaries, said the source.

Carl Bildt, former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Sweden, as well as a special EU envoy to the Balkans and High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, commented on the decision by Athens. He described Greece’s move as “interesting”.

“Interesting. Greece expels Russian diplomats because they interfere in domestic affairs, allegedly including Macedonia name issue”, Bildt wrote on his Twitter account.


Greece to expel two Russian diplomats over attempts to undermine the name dispute Treaty

Athens, 11 July, 2018 - 11:57 (META) 

The Greek government has decided to expel two Russian diplomats and ban the entry of two others, accusing them of attempting to interfere in Greece’s internal affairs, as well as undermining the Agreement regarding the name with Macedonia, reports the Greek daily “Kathimerini”.

Diplomats have been charged with attempts to obtain and distribute information, as well as the bribing of Greek officials. According to senior sources in Greek diplomatic circles, Athens urgently demanded that Viktor Yakovlev and another man from the embassy have to leave Greece.

There were allegedly a number of coordinated efforts to intensify Russian influence in Greece, among others, through the activities of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society. There was a clear signs that Russia had intentions to intervene regarding the sensitive issue of the Treaty between Greece and Macedonia and to negatively influence Greek policy in the Balkans.

Today Russian Foreign Ministry officials have stated they would respond in the appropriate manner regarding the expulsion of Russian diplomats.

According to the newspaper, they tried to influence some municipalities, some of the Metropolitans of the Greek Orthodox Church through bribery, as well as to gain greater influence on Mount Athos.

Zaev asks for support from EU prime ministers for start of negotiations with Macedonia

Skopje, 26 June, 2018 - 15:26 (META) 

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has written to the prime ministers of EU member states, urging them to support a decision to start Macedonia’s accession talks with the EU as a long-deserved decision, stated the government.

In his letter he informed them about the Agreement for resolving the name dispute and establishing a strategic partnership between Macedonia and Greece, and he noted that it has already been ratified in Parliament and that a referendum will be held in autumn, after which the procedure for constitutional changes will start.

“To ensure the realization of the agreement and its potential benefits for both countries, for the region of Southeast Europe and for Europe as a whole, the political support of EU Member States is of tremendous importance, in order to confirm with concrete measures the strategic vision for the European future of my country and the entire region”, said Zaev, urging the European Council to give thir support for the start of the negotiations.

“Such a decision will give recognition to the evident reform processes and will facilitate the further deepening of the reform impulse. In addition, such a decision will have a decisive contribution to the creation of a necessary positive climate for the successful completion of each of the steps provided for in the Agreement, in order to implement the delicately balanced compromise to resolve the long-standing and complex dispute”, said Zaev in the letter.

Today, Macedonia face to face with EU foreign ministers

Brussels, 26 June, 2018 - 11:27 (META) 

Today, the EU General Affairs Council in Luxembourg should decide regarding the EC recommendation to start accession negotiations for Macedonia and Albania.

Yesterday, Euro-Commissioner Federica Mogherini called on member states to reward Macedonia’s impressive progress regarding signing the Agreement regarding the name with Greece.

“You know that we recommended opening negotiations with Skopje and Tirane, this process must be based on merit, meaning that when there is progress, it must be recognized and be encouraged and supported. I hope that the member states will make the right decision”, Mogherini said.

Bulgarian Foreign Minister, Ekaterina Zaharieva who will preside at the EU General Affairs Council, stated that after the agreement regarding the name issue with Greece, the Council should give the green light to start accession negotiations with Macedonia.

VMRO-DPMNE will not take part in Parliament’s efforts on Agreement with Greece

Skopje, 19 June, 2018 - 15:30 (META) 

VMRO-DPMNE’s parliamentary group will not take part in Parliament’s efforts concerning the agreement over the name with Greece. Any further participation will be decided by party organs, said MP Antonio Miloshoski today.

According to him, the agreement is not a compromise but blackmail, which someone had to sign, either because of previous actions or future rewards.

“Legally, the agreement is anti-constitutional, and is a national humiliation”, said Miloshoski.

He blamed the abuse of the European flag of the law, thus the violation of all procedures.

Macedonia signs Agreement with Greece in Prespa

Resen, 18 June, 2018 - 10:58 (META) 

In the village of Psarades (Nivitsi) on the Greek side of the Prespa Lake, Foreign Ministers of Macedonia and Greece, Nikola Dimitrov and Nikos Kotzias, signed the “Final Agreement in resolving the differences described in resolutions 817 (1993) and 845 (1993) by the United Nations Security Council, for the termination of the validity of the Interim Accord of 1995 and establishing a strategic partnership between the parties.”

The document was signed by the foreign ministers of the two countries, while the two prime ministers, Zoran Zaev and Alexis Tsipras, stood behind them during the signing of the new agreement. The agreement states the new name for the Republic of Macedonia, which will be used ‘erga omnes’, i.e the name will be used both in the country and outside. The official language of the country remains Macedonian, while citizenship will be “Macedonian / citizen of the Republic of Northern Macedonia”. The agreement was also signed by UN mediator Matthew Nimetz on the occasion of his birthday.

The ceremony was also attended by the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, European Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Johannes Hahn and United Nations Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs, Rosemary DiCarlo.

“What a beautiful, glorious and historic day”, said Zaev, who in the first part of his speech spoke of Aristotle, saying a person with a strong will can move mountains, which, as he pointed out, is happening today.

Before congratulating everyone after signing the agreement, he took his tie from his neck and gave it to his Greek counterpart.

Today’s event continue with a joint lunch on Macedonian territory, in Oteshevo.


Potpishuvanje dogovor 2 so Grcija vo Nivici - Psarades 17jun18 - screenshotPotpishuvanje dogovor 1 so Grcija vo Nivici - Psarades 17jun18 - screenshot

Tsipras: We can not forbid them to identify themselves as Macedonians

Athens, 14 June, 2018 - 12:25 (META) 

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said yesterday in an interview with Greek state television ERT that with the new agreement, Greece can not ban the right of the people of the Republic of Macedonia to self-determination, MIA reports from Athens.

“There is a solution for citizenship in the agreement, because we can not ban our neighbors’ right to self-determination as Macedonians. This agreement does not underestimate the right to self-determination, we can not do it. We can not forbid them to self-determination as Macedonians”, said the Greek Prime Minister and explained that in the agreement the term “Macedonians” does not refer to the history of Greek Macedonia.

Ivanov refuses to sign deal “I will not be shaken by threats and blackmail”

Skopje, 14 June, 2018 - 11:46 (META) 

The agreement between Macedonia and Greece does not unite the society, but additionally polarizes it. I will strive for a solution that will not violate the dignity of the Macedonian people and the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, President Gjorge Ivanov said when he addressed the public and went on to announced that he did not intend to sign the agreement that Skopje and Athens had reached.

“I told Zaev and Dimitrov that this is their personal agreement and therefore their responsibility. This damaging agreement means abandonment of the existing essential positions, not to have amendments of the Constitution, and the non-acceptance of a name for overall use, i.e. erga omnes. This is a harmful deal, the only one in the history of mankind, and for me it is undignified and unacceptable. I will not legalize illegal political constructs. The text of the agreement is self-defeating for Macedonia. It is planned to change the preamble and all the articles of the Constitution where the Republic of Macedonia is mentioned. I claim that what Greece did to Macedonians in Greece, through this agreement is trying to do the same with the Macedonians in Macedonia. EU and NATO should not be an alibi for a harmful deal”, Ivanov said.

He added that the entire negotiating process was conducted frivolously, irresponsibly and not transparently, as the final result testifies, he called on the Macedonian people not to be afraid.

“In the end, I call on the Macedonian people wherever they are not to be afraid. Do not lose faith in yourself. Keep and nurture our centuries-old ideal of disobedience. My view is final and no amount of pressure will shake it, nor blackmail and threats. I will not support and sign this harmful text of this agreement”, Ivanov said.