Besimi: We must have strong coordination with all countries in the region, and the EU

Gevgelija, 6 March, 2016 - 20:01 (META) 

Because of the situations with the migrants Macedonia, we must have strong coordination with all countries in the region, the countries of the Balkan Route, and the European Union, if we are to successfully implement EU decisions which are expected to be made tomorrow at the summit in Brussels.

This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, Fatmir Besimi, during his visit to the migrant camp “Vinojug” in the South of the country, Gevgelija.

According to him, the process for refugees is complicated because there should be humanitarian formal and legal dimensions, that must be observed to actually meet the needs of these people who need help, in line with international standards.

After the tour of the camp, Besimi concluded that migrants passing through the Macedonia have all the conditions for residence, and humane treatment during their transit through the country.

Within role as Coordinator for foreign assistance, donor coordination in Gevgelija also discussed preparations for the challenges ahead the county will be facing, situations that have occurred, in case of borders closure and making unilateral decisions by some countries that could cause additional problems.

Deputy Prime Minister Besimi and French Ambassador Auer sign memorandum for cooperation

Skopje, 26 February, 2016 - 17:36 (META) 

Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Fatmir Besimi, and the French Ambassador to Macedonia Laurence Auer, signed a memorandum to strengthen the technical cooperation between the two countries.

“This collaboration includes the presence of the French expert on European affairs, Bertrand Millet, the Secretariat for European Affairs, and bilateral support for further synchronization of the national legislation with the EU. The cooperation includes strengthening institutional capacities, including departments and ministries and the management of national and local IPA funds, with the focus on projects for visibility, infrastructure and inter-connectivity of the whole region in the Western Balkans, ” said a statement from the office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Orav: On February 19 we will assess whether there are conditions for elections

Skopje, 17 February, 2016 - 15:42 (META) 

On February 19 we will evaluate whether Macedonia will be ready for early parliamentary elections on April 24. In the current phase, we still cannot assess which direction the situation will move in. Everything is in the hands of the parties.

Today Ambassador Orav answered a question from the media at a press conference for IPA funds.

When asked, whether the European Commissioner on Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiation, Johannes Hahn was coming on Friday, he said that today he could not confirm that information.

He went on to say that there were many delays in the implementation of the Przhino Agreement.

“From one side April 24 is the agreed date in the agreement, but on the other hand there are so many delays in the implementation of the Przhino Agreement. So, all sides are right “, said EU Ambassador Orav and reminded everyone which areas the European Commission will assess such as the State Election Commission, the electoral list, the media and balanced reporting, and the separation of the state and parties.

Orav did not want to comment on what would happen if the elections were to be postponed and added that everything is in the hands of the political parties. He said that support from the International Community is here and available if political parties need them.

Vice Premier for European Affairs Fatmir Besimi said that the issue of postponement of the elections is hypothetical and that he would not want to speculate on what would happen if the elections were to be delayed. Besimi added that his recommendation is to respect the political agreements and preparations for free and fair elections, so Macedonia could return its focus on EU integration and economic development.

Hahn will visit Skopje on Friday, tomorrow he will meet with Besimi in Brussels

Skopje, 15 February, 2016 - 11:45 (META) 

European Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations , Johannes Hahn, is expected to arrive in Skopje on Friday.

Unofficially, the visit was scheduled for the period from 15 to 19 February. The agenda for Hahn’s visit published on the website of the European Commission, is still not until February 18.

According to the announced events, Hahn will meet with the Vice Premier for European Affairs Fatmir Besimi tomorrow in Brussels . So far, no details have been revealed regarding the meeting.

Hahn, according to announcements from Brussels, is due to visit Macedonia in mid-February to determine the progress of the implementation of the Przhino Agreement. On February 20, the European Union and the United States in consultation with local and international experts will assess whether there are conditions for credible elections on April 24.

Deputy Prime Minister Besimi met with Dutch Ambassador Plomp

Skopje, 15 January, 2016 - 16:53 (META) 

Deputy President of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and in charge of European Affairs, Fatmir Besimi met with the Ambassador of the Netherlands, Wouter Plomp.

Besimi expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation with the Netherlands so far, which is expected to continue during the Dutch EU Presidency.

“During the conversation, it was pointed out that the process of accession to the European Union, and for Accession high-level dialogue, outstanding and immediate priorities such as freedom of expression and media, the judiciary, the fight against corruption and organized crime, inter-ethnic relations , public administration reform, good neighbourly relations, regional cooperation, increasing economic growth and employment were mentioned”, said a statement by the Deputy Prime Minister’s cabinet.

Besimi emphasized the role and position of Macedonia in the route that migrants use to travel, and the country’s commitment for partnership with the EU in dealing with the current migrant crisis.

At the end of the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Besimi and Ambassador Wouter Plomp said that the cooperation between Macedonia and the Netherlands will continue in the upcoming period, with strong support for the successful implementation of reforms.

The Greek Foreign Ministry tweeted: Ahmeti from DUI has met with Kotzias

Athens, 8 January, 2016 - 11:49 (META) 

Today in Athens, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti met with Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias. The meeting began at 12:00 pm local time in the Greek Foreign Ministry, which was announced in a statement just an hour before the meeting began.

The Greek Foreign Ministry on its official Twitter account published a photograph and a small caption stating, “Foreign Minister Kotzias meets with the delegation of the Albanian Party from FYROM, President of the DUI party Mr Ahmeti, Mr Xhaferi and Mr. Besimi”.


The meeting was not attended by the Macedonian Ambassador to Athens, nor any other representatives from the Embassy.

The reason for the absence of Macedonian diplomats at the meeting in Athens is due to the fact that neither Ahmeti, Besimi or Xhaferi did not inform the Macedonian Foreign Ministry or the Liaison Office of Macedonia in Athens of their meeting or their visit to Athens.

As announced by the DUI leader, Kotzias and Ahmeti will exchange views and ideas on good neighbourly relations, outstanding issues between the two countries and the Euro-Atlantic integration of Macedonia. Ahmeti will be accompanied by MP Artan Grubi, Deputy Prime Minister for the implementation of the Framework Agreement, Musa Xhaferi, and Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, Fatmir Besimi.
The Foreign Ministry, however, yesterday told “Meta” that they did not give their support for the visit to Athens by officials from DUI.

A statement from DUI says this is not the first visit of their leader and government officials to Athens, nor is it the first meeting between Ali Ahmeti and the Greek Foreign Minister.

“At the meeting will, we will only discuss the name dispute and specific ideas. In the next period, while Macedonia has a transitional Government, is the best time to resolve the name dispute”, said a statement from DUI.

Greek sources have told “Meta”, that Ahmeti’s visit is of his own accord and initiative, and are part of his own efforts to maintain contacts with the International Community.


“E-Society”: There must be a balance between freedom of expression and the right to privacy

Skopje, 10 December, 2015 - 19:48 (META) 

The need to strike a balance between freedom of expression and the right to privacy was the conclusion of the 11th E-Society Conference today. Dedicated to freedom and privacy the e-society conference was organized by the Foundation for Internet and Society, ‘Metamorphosis’ and the Institute of Human Rights and Peace based in Caen, France.
The French Ambassador to Macedonia Lawrence Auer spoke of the Internet as a new means of dialogue and information, but represents a threat that terrorists can use it as a tool for promoting their aims. “We are witnessing the shrinking boundaries between the virtual and the real. Media is the first vehicle to inform citizens, in the six months prior to forthcoming elections, the media must endeavour to inform fairly, and feel they are above political party control.” said Ambassador Auer in his opening speech. Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Fatmir Besimi stated the world pre-Internet and post-Internet is not the same, the Internet provides the right for freer speech, with social networks influencing the democratic processes.
The Internet provides and contributes to the freedom of expression and it is an excellent source of information. This is why it must be protected, considered Zhonas Bosa, Director of the International Institute for Peace and Human Rights.
Jardil Bashari, Director of the Metamorphosis Foundation said ” The key is to find a balance between freedom of expression and the right to privacy.”
“The Internet should be free and the citizens of Macedonia free to express themselves using it. Preventing them doing so in the names of safety and security directly threaten freedom of expression and the freedom of the internet, We have to find a way for a free Internet, and the rights of citizens using it, to be safeguarded. The Internet must be made clear of hate-speech.” added Mr Bardhil Jashari, another Metamorphosis Director

Besimi: Macedonia may loose its recommendation if it fails to implement the Przhino Agreement

Skopje, 11 October, 2015 - 12:24 (META) 

Macedonia can not get a date to start accession negotiations with the EU if it does not implement the Przhino Agreement, said Vice Prime Minister for European Integration, Fatmir Besimi, in an interview for “Radio Free Europe“.

“ Failure to comply with the political agreement of June the 2nd and if work is incomplete and meeting urgent reform priorities does not happen, it is possible that Macedonia will not get the recommendation. However, it is in the interest of the Republic of Macedonia and the European Union to work on improving the situation and the reform efforts for Macedonia to get a recommendation this year. So, we are working in that direction, as we work to fulfil the political agreements in terms of reforms, Macedonia is taking steps for a report of a recommendation” Mr Besimi said.

The Vice Prime Minister for European Integration expected that the report will have a realistic approach, such as recommendations and the report will have recommendations that will address all issues where Macedonia should be doing more.

Mogherini: Efforts for a lasting political compromise should be made

Brussels, 18 June, 2015 - 12:32 (META) 

High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union Federica Mogherini this morning met with Deputy Prime Minister Fatmir Besimi.

“Deputy Prime Minister informed her about current developments in the country, including the political crisis and the efforts of the leaders of the main political parties to reach an agreement that will lead to a solution to the crisis and would help to restore confidence in the country and its institutions.

The High Representative said that the European Union expects that the interest of the country and its citizens will be put above party interests in these difficult times. There should be spared the effort to find a lasting political compromise, built on the agreement from 2nd of June 2015 in Skopje. She also stressed the need for the country to continue implementing the reforms that are crucial for the European perspective of the country,” reads the statement released by spokeswoman Maja Kocijanchik.

Hahn after meeting with Besimi: Compromise based on the agreement of 2nd of June

Brussels, 17 June, 2015 - 17:29 (META) 

After the meeting between Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Fatmir Besimi and EU Commissioner for accession negotiations Johannes Hahn in Brussels, the European Commission said that it was discussed about the current political crisis in the country, with regard to support for progress in the dialogue between the political parties.

EU Commissioner Hahn reiterated his call to all parties, in the interest of the country and its citizens, to find a lasting political compromise, built on the agreement reached on 2nd of June. They also discussed the urgent reform priorities that the Commission will closely monitor in the forthcoming months.