Supreme Court in Athens rules against extradition of Grujevski and Boskovski

Athens, 18 May, 2018 - 19:21 (META) 

Goran Grujevski and Nikola Boskovski will not be extradited to Macedonia to be tried for decades of illegal wiretapping.

The Supreme Court in Athens ruled that the two should not be handed over to the country because there are no conditions for a fair trial.

Earlier, the Thessaloniki court came to a different decision than the Supreme Court in Athens. The court there ruled that they should be extradited to Macedonia, a procedure that has lasted for months due to the lack of official translation into Macedonian.

However, according to Greek law, the Greek Minister of Justice has the last word on the extradition of Grujevski and Boskovski, who can make the personal decision whether the two will be extradited from Greece.

Otherwise, two more proceedings are being conducted before Greek authorities. One is for the false Bulgarian passports which the two wanted to use to flee to Budapest from Thessaloniki airport with false identities. The other procedure is for the application of political asylum, which they have filed in fear that they will not receive a fair trial in Macedonia.

Thessaloniki court gives the green light for the extradition of Grujevski and Boshkovski

Skopje, 5 January, 2018 - 13:12 (META) 

The Thessaloniki Council of Judges ruled that former Chiefs of the Security and Counterintelligence Administration (UBK) Goran Grujevski and Nikola Boskovski to be extradited to Macedonia, reported the Voria portal.

According to the same source, immediately after the announcement of the verdict, the two defendants appealed the decision to the Supreme Court in Greece.

As “Voria” writes, Grujevski and Boskovski demanded that the hearing be in front of cameras because they were afraid for their lives.

Otherwise, initially the decision of the Thessaloniki court was due to be announced on December 22nd last year, but the verdict was adjourned and rescheduled for today because Grujevski and Boskovski complained that they did not understand the translator who was from Bulgaria.

Grujovski and Boskovski are charged in the cases of the Special Prosecutor’s Office for the “Target” and “Fortress” cases, related to the illegal wiretapping of over 20,000 people in the country and the destruction of the equipment for wiretapping.

They were arrested on October 18th at Thessaloniki Airport trying to leave for Budapest with counterfeit Bulgarian passports.

The extradition decision for Grujevski and Boshkovski is postponed for the 5th of January

Thessaloniki, 22 December, 2017 - 14:52 (META) 

On the 5th of January, it shall be finally revealed whether the former UBK heads, Goran Grujovski and Nikola Boshkovski shall be extradited to Macedonia. The verdict of the court in Thessaloniki has been postponed until then.

The verdict was supposed to be published today, but Grujevski and Boshkovski have appealed that they didn’t understand the translator who was from Bulgaria.

At the hearing that took place this past Wednesday, the Greek Public Prosecutor proposed the Judiciary Council to approve an extradition.

If the court in Thessaloniki decides to approve an extradition, they have the right to appeal the decision at the Supreme Court of Greece in a period of 24 hours.

Both former directors, together with the former Head of UBK, Sasho Mijalkov, the former Minister of Interior, Gordana Jankuloska and ten other persons are accused in the “Fortress” and “Target” cases.

Grujovski’s and Boskovski’s trial in Thessaloniki has been postponed until December 1st

Thessaloniki, 24 October, 2017 - 18:14 (META) 

The trial against former intelligence officers, Goran Grujovski and Nikola Boshkovski, which was meant to take place today in a Thessaloniki court, was postponed until December 1st, reported “Televizija 24”.

The hearing was postponed because the court did not have a translator.

Macedonian authorities issued international warrants for Grujovski and Boskovski, following the indictment by the Special Prosecutor’s Office for illegal wiretapping and for the destruction of the wiretapping systems, cases known under the code names “Fortress”, “Target” and “Fortress 2”. They were both arrested last week at the airport in Thessaloniki, when they attempted to board a plane to Budapest with fake Bulgarian passports.

On the false passports, Grujovski and Boskovski had false identities, they were traveling under the names Hristo Atanasov and Nedzbi Hasan.

On Friday, the Macedonian Ministry of Justice ordered Basic Court Skopje 1 to prepare the documentation for the extradition of Grujovski and Boskovski.

Zaev doesn’t expect Greece to hinder the extradition of Grujovski and Boshkovski

Skopje, 23 October, 2017 - 19:55 (META) 

The Prime MInister Zoran Zaev said today that he doesn’t expect Greece to hinder the extradition of Goran Grujovski and Nikola Boshkovski, out of political reasons. There is an international warrant for their arrest and the Special Public Prosection has filed charges against them for illegal wiretapping and for destroying the surveillance systems.

In conversation with journalists, Zaev stressed that Macedonia has previously established a cooperation with Greece and that he expects the international rule of law to the obeyed i.e. the former Head of the Administration of Security and Counter-Intelligence, Grujovski and his colleague Boshkoski, to be extradited.

Grujovski and Boshkovski were arrested last week at the airport in Thessaloniki when they tried to leave for Hungary with forged Bulgarian passports.

Spasovski: We will investigate who from Macedonia helped Grujovski and Boskovski

Skopje, 21 October, 2017 - 13:18 (META) 

The Prosecutor’s Office will have to seriously look into the logistics and planning that went into the helping the former chiefs of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK), Goran Grujovski and Nikola Boskovski flee the country. They had help from people in Macedonia for their escape from the country, said Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski, in an interview for the “360” show on “Alsat-M” TV.

“Domestic logistics is key for their entire passage outside the territory of Macedonia. If they did not have the logistics that provided them with financial means, even with those illegal travel documents, their departure would not have been possible. That sort of help from inside the country is certain and here the prosecution will need to work seriously”, said Spasovski.

Regarding the risk of important security information being leaked to the Greek services, and if Mr. Grujovski had the wiretapped conversations about the affair two years ago, the Minister of Interior says that, according to him, such information about the private lives of citizens of the Republic of Macedonia and political opponents will not be of any interest to Greece.

When asked if Macedonia’s lack of a bilateral agreement on legal aid with Greece could be an obstacle for the extradition of Grujovski and Boskovski, the Minister said that there are no obstacles “because there are international conventions which we and Greece have both committed ourselves to.”

The Appeal Court in Thessaloniki will be deciding about the extradition of Grujovski and Boshkovski

Thessaloniki, 20 October, 2017 - 14:28 (META) 

The Appeal court in Thessaloniki will be deciding about the extradition of the former director of the Fifth Estate, Goran Grujovski and his colleague from UBK, Nikola Boshkovski, from Greece to Macedonia, report Greek media.

According to the same sources, Gruevski and Boshkovski will be taken to Court today in Thessaloniki, regarding the false (Bulgarian) passports that were used in an effort to travel further from the Airport in Thessaloniki.

Both fugitives, for whom Macedonian authorities have issued a warrant through Interpol, were taken at a hearing at a Public Prosecutor in Thessaloniki, where they were informed about the convictions for which they are charged by Macedonian legal authorities.

Daily newspaper “Ta Nea” reports that Grujovski and Boshkovski have rejected the charges against them and have stated that they don’t want to be extradited to this country because they are afraid for their lives and that there is a political prosecution against them.

According to the information that arrived yesterday at the Ministry of Justice from the Office of Consular, Economic and Trade Issues of Republic of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Grujovski and Boshkovski were arrested on Wednesday around 15h when during a passport control at the airport in Thessaloniki it was determined that they are using fake Bulgarian passports and that there is an international warrant by Interpol for them on request of the Ministry of Interior of Republic of Macedonia.

Janeva: We hope for a fast extradition procedure

Skopje, 19 October, 2017 - 15:31 (META) 

Special Public Prosecutor, Katica Janeva, hopes that the extradition proceedings for defendants, Goran Grujovski and Nikola Boshkovski will end soon and that the trial will begin soon as well.

“We have been informed by the Ministry of Interior that the two defendants were detained in Thessaloniki. We do not have any more information, and in the further part of the procedure we do not have jurisdiction. We hope that the extradition procedure will end as soon as possible, that they will be transferred to Macedonia from Greek custody and that the trial will begin soon”, Janeva told Deutsche Welle.

Yesterday, Boskovski and Grujovski were arrested by Greek police at the “Macedonia” airport in Thessaloniki, when they attempted to leave Greece with false Bulgarian passports. They had been on the run for three months in order to avoid a detainment ruling after the SPO filed charges for the “Fortress” and “Target” case, for the illegal wiretapping of thousands of citizens by misusing the monitoring systems within the Ministry of Interior, as well as for the physical destruction of part of the equipment. As they were detained abroad, they will now have to provide legal defense from there.

On average, extradition procedures can last from three to six months and it depends on the speed at which the Ministry of Justice will send the translated material from the prosecution acts for which both are being charged before the Criminal Court. Based on this evidence, the Greek authorities should decide whether to extradite the detainees.

Charges filed against Bozinovski for Espionage

Skopje, 18 July, 2016 - 15:06 (META) 

The Public Prosecution for Organized Crime and Corruption in the investigation procedure conducted today at the Basic Court Skopje 1, filed an indictment against journalist and owner of the internet portal “Burevesnik”, Zoran Bozinovski.

Bozinovski, as reported by the Prosecution, is charged with criminal association, espionage, and extortion. The prosecution also requests the court extend Bozinovski’s detainment.

In 2013, Bozinovski was a suspect in the “Spy” case, however, because he was unavailable to law enforcement agencies, the investigation against him was discontinued. Bozinovski was extradited from Serbia to Macedonia after being arrested by Serbian authorities due to an international arrest warrant having come into force following Skopje authorities issued an arrest warrant in 2013.

Zhaneta Basha extradited, convicted of child prostitution

Skopje, 25 January, 2015 - 12:58 (META) 

Ministry of Interior carried out the extradition from Greece of the 54-year-old Zhaneta Basha from Gostivar. She was transported to prison “Idrizovo” to serve the sentence of 10 years.

She was sought by Interpol with an international arrest warrant ordered by Basic Court Gostivar, and she was arrested in Greece in September last year, after which, she was detained and proceedings for her extradition were initiated. In 2012, Basic Court Gostivar found her guilty of trafficking minor, and she need to pay 400 thousand denars to the damaged parties.

“She is accused for labor and sexual exploitation of minors in a way that damaged parties worked as waitresses and companions to guests of the catering facility Delfina in Gostivar and whenever the defendant ordered, they were providing sexual services in her apartment and motels Elita, Monaco and the Egnatia in Gostivar and other motels in the amount of two to three thousand denars per client,” informs MOI.