An employee from the municipality of Veles has threatened Zaev and Baily with hanging

Veles, 6 November, 2017 - 16:01 (META) 

Today, the newly-elected mayor of the municipality of Veles, Ace Kocevski, at a press conference accused MP Ilija Dimovski of having a personal driver who was employed in the municipality and is causing damage to the budget for large sums of money.

According to Kocevski’s calculations, the total debt of the Municipality of Veles amounts to 169.197.606 denars or 2.751.180 euros.

Kocevski pointed out that there are indications that two employees of the municipal administration participated in the bloody events in Parliament on April the 27th and added that appropriate measures would be initiated if this proves to be true.

Among other things, during the mandate of the previous mayor, Slavco Chadiev, it was noted that the municipal administration was overstaffed and were working for the benefit of a political party during working hours, which led to serious criminal offences.

“An employee sent extreme and violent messages such as, “Greet the leader of Murtino and the one who sends money from the embassy, but before Veles is bilingual, you and them will hang in the middle of the neighborhood….” And now I have to work with this person? Asked Kocevski.

EBU is imposing sanctions on MRT which is sinking deeper into debt

Skopje, 26 October, 2017 - 11:45 (META) 

The viewers of “Macedonian Radio Television” (MRT) can soon be left without European sports championships, without the “Eurovision” song contest, foreign channels, foreign documentaries and feature films due to an outstanding debt towards the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). A source within MRT’s Program Council, who wished to remain anonymous, has revealed that the deb is over 500.000 euros. By the end of 2016, MRT has had income in the amount of 19, 3 million of euros, and the total debt to domestic and foreign trustees, which has accrued over the years was 21, 8 million of euros. While the trustees aren’t creating a fuss, for now, EBU plans to impose sanctions on MRT.

MRT has a debt because of which it is facing with sanctions of the third degree, confirms Claire Rainford, EBU’s Senior Communications Officer.

-Unfortunately, the Macedonian Radio-television has no longer access to our services until it pays off its debt – said Rainford, who didn’t reveal the sum that the national broadcasting service owes.

Our interlocutor from MRT’s Program Council says that this scenario would be catastrophic since the television will not be able to broadcast the program of any of EBU’s members, or sports matches, films, foreign shows, cartoons, or documentaries.

MRT’s General Manager, Marjan Cvetkovski, didn’t provide an answer as to why the television is in such debt.

A while ago, the broadcasting fee was canceled, and the government decided that the MRT will be funded from the state budget.

Tevdovski: The state institutions debt is 363 million euros

Skopje, 20 July, 2017 - 17:36 (META) 

The state institutions debt was 363 million euros on May 31st, this year, Minister of Finance Dragan Tevdovski informs today.

He added that the review of unpaid liabilities was made on a data basis that budget users, funds, public enterprises and municipalities have presented to the Ministry, and therefore, and now, their credibility can not be guaranteed.

“The amount for the unpaid liabilities of the budget users is 5.1 billion MKD, to the funds – 30 million MKD and to the local institutions financed through “blok” donations is 833 million MKD”, said Tevdovski.

The biggest debt is in the field of culture, and it is 2.4 billion MKD. The actual amount of the unpaid obligations has been intended for the construction of the Philharmonic Hall, the Drama Theater, the Mother Teresa Museum and the theatre in Veles.

The unpaid liabilities of the public health institutions is 3.2 billion MKD. The biggest debts belong to the Institute for Transfusion and Medicine (283 million MKD), City Hospital “8 September” (226 million MKD), the Clinic for Surgical Diseases “St. Naum Ohridski “(201 million MKD).

“Public enterprises have unpaid liabilities in the amount of 6 billion MKD. The biggest ones in debt are the following: “MZ Transport” owing 2,439 MKD million, MEPSO (977 million MKD) and “Makedonija Pat” (779 million MKD) in debt due to unpaid tax”, added Tevdovski.

Municipalities have unpaid liabilities and the amount is 4.6 billion MKD, while the biggest debts are Municipality of Ohrid ( 719 million MKD), Municipality of Tetovo (499 million MKD) and Karpos Municipality (476 million MKD).

The Minister of Finance informs that he is currently negotiating with the World Bank to find a way to settle these obligations. At the same time, the Ministry of Finance plans to upgrade the software for unpaid obligations, so they can be systematically recorded and viewed in real time.

Gruevski: Debts of 13,100 citizens written off

Dojran, 5 July, 2015 - 16:54 (META) 

Debts of 13,100 claimants worth 25 million euros were written off, said today PM Nikola Gruevski.

– The process is carried out successfully. 25 million euros to be written off to people from vulnerable groups who have serious difficulties to pay their debts is really serious help for those people and those families. From this point, I can say that 90 percent of what we promised in the elections last year has already been realized, and the remaining 10 percent will be realized in the coming weeks and months – Gruevski said in a media statement during today’s visit of Dojran.