Kasami: We are convinced that a new local government will come to power in Tetovo that will work for the benefit of the citizens

Tetovo, 29 October, 2017 - 19:36 (META) 

We are convinced that changes will happen in Tetovo and that new local government will come to power that will work for the benefit of the citizens of Tetovo, said Besa’s mayoral candidate in Tetovo and a party leader of Besa movement, Bilal Kasami after the voting at the polling station at the secondary school “Kiril Pejchinovikj.”

He said that in the second round, the voters had the opportunity to choose a local government that will work in their benefit.

-We hope that starting from this evening i.e. from tomorrow, new people will take part in the local government, that will take the citizen’s needs into consideration and who will accomplish projects that will benefit all citizens – said Kasami.

DUI and the Albanian Alliance didn’t reveal their position on SDSM’s proposals

Tetovo, 15 February, 2017 - 10:25 (META) 

The meeting between the vice presidents of DUI and the Albanian Alliance is over, but none of the representatives of both political parties would reveal any details about the two-hour long meeting. They didn’t reveal what kind of proposals were in the document that was sent by SDSM’s leader, Zoran Zaev, and whether it is acceptable for them.

DUI and the Albanian Alliance briefly informed that “they talked about their joint platform.”

-Today’s meeting is a meeting between our parties’ working groups which is within the spirit of the platform for cooperation between the political parties of the Albanians. We openly discussed each item that we think are very important and who bring closer Macedonia towards NATO and EU – said Teuta Arifi, the vice president of DUI.

A similar stance had Arben Taravari, who said that it is very important to implement all items from the joint platform.

-We discussed all items from the platform of the Albanian parties. For us, as the Albanian Alliance, it is very important that all items on the platform to be implemented regardless of who will be a part of the future government. For the next steps our leaders will provide answers – said the Secretary of the Movement for reforms of DPA, Tarvari.

Today, before the meeting, BESA announced that so far they haven’t received an invitation from DUI or SDSM. They said that they still refuse to sit at the same table with DUI and that they have already offered their signatures to SDSM.

Thaci and Robert de Groot discuss the political crisis in Tetovo

Tetovo, 20 May, 2016 - 13:25 (META) 

DPA leader Menduh Thaci today at the party headquarters in Tetovo met with a delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, led by the Director-General for European Cooperation of the Dutch Foreign Ministry, Robert de Groot.

The meeting focused on the country’s political crisis and the views of the DPA party to overcome the situation and other issues of common interest.

“Thaci at the meeting elaborated on the DPA’s proposal to lead the country out of the political crisis and to accelerate the process of European integration. In this regard, Thaci said that disputes between Macedonian parties are virtual and Macedonia’s real problem is the name dispute and interethnic relations, or specifically the rights of the Albanians, so that without resolving the name dispute and interethnic relations this process does not make sense ” , said a statement from the DPA.

Residents have blocked Boulevard Illyria in Tetovo because of the parking zone

Tetovo, 26 December, 2015 - 21:49 (META) 

Residents who live alongside Boulevard Illyria in Tetovo where just this month authorities introduced a new system of parking zones, by the the afternoon the residents had blocked the street.
They say they are angry because of the introduction of the parking zones, which is impossible to leave vehicles near their homes because parking is now limited to three hours.
“We have nothing against parking zones. We only ask that the Municipality enables us a guaranteed parking space, where we would pay a monthly ticket”, said Pero Jovcheski a resident of Boulevard Illyria.
For the parking problem, the residents submitted a petition to the Municipality of Tetovo.
“We put forward a petition to the Municipality of Tetovo, which was signed by more than 1,000 citizens. Through the petition we asked for free parking spaces for us within the framework of these parking zones or the Municipality should resolve this issue, after all, that’s what we pay them for. Unfortunately, the local government after receiving the petition, we received a negative response”, says Nikola Kiropulos, a tenant on Boulevard Illyria.

Nurseries and schools out for an early break in Tetovo due to high levels of pollution

Tetovo, 16 December, 2015 - 14:55 (META) 

Due to of the extreme level of air pollution, the Municipality of Tetovo has decided to stop teaching in nurseries, primary and secondary schools. This decision was made after a meeting with the management of educational institutions. Education will be stopped until the end of the first half term.

This decision was made after students boycotted and protested classes due to extreme air pollution in Tetovo.

“We have made a decision for the term to be interrupted until the end of the first half semester, and in the meantime the Municipality of Tetovo will continue to implement measures to reduce pollution. Streets will be washed with calcium magnesium acetate and will continue introducing special parking zones in the city. For next year will put into operation the public transport company”, said Mayor Teuta Arifi.

Tomorrow at noon environmental organizations announced blockades at all main entrances to the city because, as they believe, the city are not taking appropriate measures to reduce the air pollution. They announced that blockades and protests will continue in the upcoming period.

Mayor Arifi said she supported the protests because it is the democratic right of every citizen, but she would not be at tomorrow’s protest due to work commitments at Local Government.

Three people were wounded in a shooting in Tetovo

Tetovo, 1 November, 2015 - 13:36 (META) 

Three people were wounded in a shooting in Tetovo, police reported.
In the gunfight five people were caught up in the violent commotion, three received serious injuries and were admitted to Tetovo’s Clinical Hospital, while the other two ended up with minor injuries and were admitted to the emergency center in Skopje.

The gunfight occurred late last night.

A Police team from SCI from Tetovo are working on resolving the case.

Today the film festival in Tetovo begins

Tetovo, 26 May, 2015 - 15:24 (META) 

The fourth edition of the film festival “Watch out” will be held in Tetovo from 26th to 29th May in the amphitheater of the memorial house of the Communist Party in Tetovo. For the festival there were more than 150 applications from five continents, and the jury chose 32 films that will be shown in the four festival days.
The festival is organized by the Center for Balkan Cooperation “Loja” from Tetovo, with the support of the Goethe Institute in Skopje and the US Embassy in Macedonia.
The films that compete are divided into four categories: short films, animated, experimental and documentary.
During the festival there will also be a workshop, in which local artists will have the opportunity to participate and it will be realized by Skip Blumberg.

Tito Petkovski: Mass protests for change of government

Тетово, 18 April, 2015 - 16:21 (META) 

Through a special concept and strategy, NSDP offers a way out of the crisis for Macedonia, said NSDP leader Tito Petkovski in front of the attendees at the public forum in Tetovo. He believes that, as a party, they feel the need to participate in resolving the political crisis and expect the inclusion of other parties.

– We believe that the opposition is discriminated from that black Monday and is excluded from political life. Democracy is also excluded, there is an authoritarian regime and dictatorship, and political life of the state is created by one man. Therefore, we feel the responsibility that we should contribute in order to get out of this mess. Resignation of the government, the public prosecutor and the president of the state are just some of our proposals for a way out of the crisis – said NSDP leader Tito Petkovski.

Petkovski also talked about the so-called bombs that are published by the opposition and also conveyed the steps that are planned in order to change the government.

– In our country, but also in the region, several methods to change a government are known. The first method is ongoing, and it is the publication of all the dirty things that the government did in the last period. If these compromising audio recordings don’t make the government resign, then probably, late this month or early next month, mass protests will follow in order Gruevski’s government to fall – stated Petkovski.

Leaflets with messages against the Government appeared in Tetovo

Тетово, 26 February, 2015 - 15:43 (META) 

Several types of color leaflets in different designs and text appeared on the cars in Tetovo this morning. One of them has the text “End to Dictatorship” with photos of Gruevski, Milajkov, Jankulovska and Stavreski in prison clothes, another reads “Is this how the end smells” next to photographs of Jankulovska and Stavreski in drawn heart, and other two have Gruevski’s photos with headphones and the text “Game Over” or “He’s finished”.

From Tetovo police told us this morning that citizens have reported that “leaflets with specific content” were thrown on street Marshal Tito.

Officials were sent on field and “one or two leaflets were found and picked up”.

The case will be further investigated.