Goran Nikolovski to be Head of UBK, Lazo Velkovski to be Head of BJB, the government adopts a proposal to replace Zvrlevski

Skopje, 16 June, 2017 - 21:27 (META) 

At the session held this afternoon, the Government came to the decision that Parliament must submit a proposal for the dismissal of the Attorney General of the Republic of Macedonia, Marko Zvrlevski, and they appointed new directors of the Public Security Bureau (BJB) and the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK), or to be more specific, the parts of the Interior Ministry who are in charge of the police forces, the secret police and counterintelligence.

Goran Nikolovski has been appointed as the Director of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence and Lazo Velkovski as Director of the Public Security Bureau.

Goran Nikolovski is employed at the Administration fohyr Security and Counterintelligence, where he is the Head of Counterintelligence for the Balkans. Lazo Velkovski, a longtime employee of the MOI, during VMRO-DPMNE’s rule, until the formation of the interim Government, he was transferred to the Intelligence Agency.

Today the Government should dismiss Chavkov and Atanasovski and appoint new directors of UBK and BJB

Skopje, 13 June, 2017 - 11:26 (META) 

Today, the new Government should be holding a session, and according to recent announcements, the agenda will be the dismissal of the current Director of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK), Vladimir Atanasovski, and the current Director of the Public Security Bureau (BJB), Mitko Chavkov.

After their dismissal, the Government is expected to appoint new directors for the two most important organizations under the Ministry of Interior.

The public has been speculating over who will be appointed to these positions, however, neither Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, nor the Minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski, or any other government official will not comment on these speculations.

Otherwise, the current directors of UBK and BJB were appointed by the technical government who carried out the elections on December the 11th, as personnel from VMRO-DPMNE.

Chavkov: MEPs arriving tomorrow will have a free and safe passage to the Parliament

Skopje, 20 March, 2017 - 17:47 (META) 

Tomorrow, MEPs will have free and safe passage to Parliament, said the Director of the Bureau of Public Safety, Mitko Chavkov in a statement for “Deutsche Welle“.

Tomorrow at noon, at the Parliament a coordination of the parliamentary political parties will happen for forming a commission for elections and naming, as a basis for continuing the constitutive session for an election of a president of the Parliament.

Tomorrow, the country will be visited by the EU Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy & Enlargement Negotiations, Johannes Hahn and three MEPs, Ivo Vajgl, Eduard Kukan and Knut Fleckenstein.

When asked whether the police force will guarantee that the MEPs will not be prevented from entering or exiting Parliament, as there had been announcements from protesters that they will block the entrance of Parliament, Chavkov was decisive:”The MEPs will have safe and clear passage to Parliament.”

Ljupco Andonovski and Goranco Saveski new Directors of Security and Counterintelligence Agency (UBK) and Public Security Bureau (BJB)

Skopje, 26 May, 2015 - 18:06 (META) 

Ljupco Andonovski succeeds the previous head of UBK, Saso Mijalkov and Gorancho Saveski is the new head of the Bureau of Public Security at the Interior Ministry, replacing Chavkov Mitko, who became Interior Minister, says Telma.
This is a decision of today’s session of the Government of Republic of Macedonia. Election of new Directors is following the resignations of Sasho Mijalkov and Gordana Jankuloska.

Government to appoint new directors of UBK and PSB on Tuesday

Skopje, 22 May, 2015 - 14:19 (META) 

The new directors of the Security and Counterintelligence Agency (UBK) and Public Security Bureau (PSB) will be known on Tuesday, for when a regular session of the Government is scheduled, confirmed government spokesman Aleksandar Gjorgjiev for META.

Successors of Sasho Mijalkov and Mitko Chavkov for these two senior positions in the Ministry of Interior are to be appointed at the session.

– Regular government meeting will be held on Tuesday, on which, as part of the agenda, will be the topic of appointing directors of UBK and the PSB – stated Gjorgjiev for us.

These two senior positions in MOI remained vacant after Sasho Mijalkov resigned as director of UBK, while former director of PSB Mitko Chavkov was appointed Minister of Interior following the resignation of Gordana Jankuloska.

Today first session of the Government after the resignation of Jankuloska, Janakieski and Mijalkov

Skopje, 21 May, 2015 - 15:11 (META) 

Government session, the first session after the session ten days ago (12th of May, Tuesday), when the resignations of the Ministers of Interior and of Transport and Communications, Gordana Jankuloska and Mile Janakieski, and the Director of the Security and Counter-intelligence Agency Sasho Mijalkov, is to be held today.

Government spokesman Aleksandar Gjorgjiev confirmed the information for META.

According to our information, the new director of the Security and Intelligence Agency and the Public Security Bureau, which, after the resignation of Mijalkov and the appointment of the current director of the PSB Mitko Chavkov as Minister of Interior, remained empty, might be appointed at today’s session.

However, it is uncertain whether that will happen because there is no legal limit to when these senior positions in the Ministry of Interior are to be filled.

Government sessions are usually held every Tuesday, but this week it has been rescheduled due to the meeting between Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and opposition leader Zoran Zaev in Strasbourg.