Žbogar: We expect the Law on Languages to come into force and the reforms should continue

Gostivar, 19 March, 2018 - 16:10 (META) 

EU Ambassador Samuel Žbogar answered a journalist’s question regarding the law, that the adoption on the Law on the Use of Languages will improve the relations between the communities and it will bring the country back to the reform agenda.

On a journalist’s question, what his comment is regarding the fact that Ivanov did not sign the Decree on the Law, Žbogar answered “we expect the law to come into force and the country should focus on the reform agenda”.

He added that inter-ethnic relations in multiethnic societies should be constantly nurtured and built up, thus improving the climate of coexistence in a society. He also explained that in the EU is optimistic about the implementation of the law.

“I understand that the law on languages is important for the Albanians and they see it as the final step, which origins from the Ohrid Framework Agreement. This law is important to the Albanians, because they will feel more appreciated and accepted in the society and the country itself”, Žbogar said.

According to him, in case when the rights of the minority are improving, it should not interfere with the rights of the majority.

“I think that the majority should not feel that in any way its rights are jeopardized. I feel that there is such fear in the majority. The EU closely followed the adoption of the law on languages and we expect it to be sent to the Venice Commission, as it was stated in the 3-6-9 Plan. We hope that this law will begin with the implementation and full compliance with European standards and European positive practices. Certainly, we expect that the implementation will be respected by all in the society”, Žbogar added in a close dialog.

Osmani: For DUI the Platform is important, not the fate of VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM

Tetovo, 28 January, 2017 - 18:26 (META) 

For DUI, the Albanian Platform is important and the way the this agreement will be implemented is important. During the day, we will debate more concrete proposals, stated DUI spokesman, Bujar Osmani, outside the DUI headquarters in Mala Rechica where the central Presidency of DUI decides on a possible coalition with VMRO-DPMNE, to form a government.

“At the regular session of DUI, new MPs attended and this is an extension of the analysis which we started to do these recent days for the arguments “for” and “against” for all five options on the table. It’s about the principle of the debate and all options are being considered”, said Osmani.

The spokesman for DUI assessed the speculated allegations that the president of DUI, Ali Ahmeti proposed a coalition with VMRO-DPMNE, and other party members were against it.

“I reject such speculation. Ahmeti has the statutory right to decide alone on the next steps, but his aim is to hear the views of all members of the Presidency for all options, so he can come to the healthiest decision. I dismiss that there is discord within the party. For us, the political fate of VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM is not important, what is important to us, is the realization of the platform and the agreement signed with the Albanians”, said Osmani.

It is uncertain whether a decision on a possible coalition with VMRO-DPMNE will be made today or tomorrow. The meeting may go on after midnight.

Osmani repeated their position from last night, that it is not important for the decision to be on time, but to be the right one.

Soros is mentioned 53 times in Gruevski’s mega-interview

Skopje, 4 January, 2017 - 21:00 (META) 

During the first two parts of the interview that was given for the electronic edition of the weekly magazine “Republika,” VMRO-DPMNE’s party leader Nikola Gruevski is dueling with the American billionaire George Soros and during the conversation, his name is mentioned 53 times which plastically can be presented like this:

“Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros.”
Macedonia is mentioned 37 times, the Albanians – 18 times, the term “nationalist” – 15 times as much as the acronym SDSM.
In this “mega interview” Gruevski is giving an enormous attention to dueling with “Soros and the millions he is pouring into Macedonia” and with “corrupted journalists, media owners professors, intellectuals, analysts, activists which are al fronted by professional protesters.”

-If it wasn’ for Soros with his whole network stretching into the NGO sector, media, politicians, inside and outside, that are on his pay list, his influence in the most powerful states in the world and the enormous influence when it comes to smaller states like ours it wouldn’t have been so hard and the economy would have been stronger, we would have had more job positions – said Gruevski in the interview with an indicative title “The Civil sector must not remain in the hands of Soros.”

According to him, in the future, the civil sector “must not remain in he hands of Soros and the foreign governments.”

Music, flags, tea and slogans at the “camp” at the foundations for the cross in Butel

Skopje, 4 March, 2016 - 10:43 (META) 

With Albanian music playing beside the bonfire, at least fifty mostly young Albanians continue to protest where on Sunday foundations for the cross in Butel were consecrated.

The palm tree which was set alight and the foundations of the cross buried, which is meant to be 55 metres high, are just some signs of minor incidents from last nights protest.
The place remains a campsite, there are two small tents and one large tent. One reporter from “Meta” noted that free

food and drink are being handed out to those camping, as well as tea and coffee.

There are Albanian flags and slogans that read “Albanians, Muslims and Albanian Catholics against the placement of religious symbols”.

The interlocutors we talked to, say they will stay until the decision on building the cross is withdrawn.

“We are not against the building of a church, but we think that the place of a cross is not for here. If there were plans to build a church, there would be no reason to protest. I think this is just a provocation to the Albanians, but we will not allow it. If they want, they can freely build a lion”, says our interlocutor who insisted they remain anonymous.

According to the interlocutors, the protest is not political, but has members from different political parties. They say they will not give up their intentions to stop a cross from being built in this space.

A group of demonstrators led by the DUI party’s leadership yesterday protested in Butel where the cornerstone was placed for the cross. They pulled down the entire fenced area around the foundation and set up tents and Albanian flags.


Protest comes to an end over the building of a cross in Butel

Skopje, 4 March, 2016 - 8:48 (META) 

The protest against the installation of the Cross in the Municipality of Butel, ended without any incidents, with the setting of tents on the site where a few days ago the cornerstone was.

Along with demonstrators members of the ruling DUI party were present. Izet Mexhiti, the Mayor of the Municipality of Cair said that although the protest was organized by the DUI party, he expressed that the revolt of the Albanians in Macedonia were against placing religious symbols in the middle of the street. He announced that protests will not stop until they withdraw their decision to set-up the 55-metre cross.

“Here we are once again to use our democratic right – expressing our anger as Albanians, Albanian – Muslims, Albanian – Catholics, Albanian – Orthodox, because we believe that this invalid decision in Butel is a provocation to all Albanians in Macedonia. That is why at this protest there are no party flags, although it was organized by the DUI party, but only the Albanian flag, to express anger from all Albanians about this decision because we believe this will provoke ethnic and religious relations in the country”, said Mexhiti.

Afterwards the demonstrators headed to the cornerstone of the cross, broke down the barriers of the space and set up tents, as they annunced they could be be camping their tonight.

The space is covered in Albanian flags, and protesters set fire to one of the palm trees in the enclosure.

After about half an hour, most of the protesters dispersed, and a few remained in their tents.

Milovanovik-Fazliu: The Macedonian Government is like that of Putin and Erdogan

Вашингтон, 4 May, 2015 - 16:08 (META) 

Through it media controls and expensive marketing campaigns, Macedonian Government spreads and strengthens the idea that the Macedonians are disappearing and are under attack, writes Ana Milovanovik-Fazliu, daughter of former US Ambassador to Macedonia Jillian Milovanovik.

In an article published on the website “Alliance for Peacebuilding“, apart from giving a history of the Macedonian state and the Macedonian-Albanian relations, Milovanovik-Fazliu stated that the reason for this campaign is the growth of the Albanian population in Macedonia, Greece’s failure to recognize the name, as well as Bulgaria’s denial of the history and the language.

In the text, the daughter of former Ambassador also mentions the “bombs” of SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, which, as she states, reveal a lack of democratic integrity in Macedonia.

“Prominent figures from the Government and the ruling party VMRO-DPMNE are recorded influencing judges, stifling the media, rigging local elections and intimidating members of VMRO. Prime Minister Gruevski claims that Zaev encourages a coup d’etat against him and that he wants to destabilize Macedonia. Macedonia’s ally Turkey used similar rhetoric to denounce the 2013 anti-government demonstrations,” reads the text.

Milovanovik-Fazliu states that two EU officials noticed blatant discrimination in the talks, where Albanians and Roma are referred to with abusive words.

“Minister of Interior is recorded as saying that it is alright to keep 11 ethnic Albanians in prison, although there is no evidence of their guilt, because prisons are already full with Shqiptars” stated Milovanovik-Fazliu, adding that the rights of minorities are not a priority of the opposition as well.

According to Milovanovik-Fazliu, Macedonian NGO sector is weakened due to claims of VMRO that most of those who defend guaranteed human rights are “Sorosoids” – followers of George Soros – and that they are part of a global conspiracy against Macedonia.

“The opposition is demanding reforms in line with the views of foreign NGOs. Therefore VMRO accuses the opposition of working for foreign interests. This is similar to the Russian approach to NGOs, as well as Tajikistan’s. By closing down NGOs, government destroys the attempts of citizens to form interest groups that will advocate for their rights,” reads the text.

First congress of Besa within six months

Skopje, 25 November, 2014 - 15:18 (META) 

The first congress of the new party of Albanians in Macedonia, Besa, is to be held within six months, World bulletin reported.
This party was launched on Saturday and it will mainly target Macedonian citizens of Albanian ethnic origin.
Besa is against federal governing as an option for Macedonia, and for civil system in which all ethnic groups would be equal