Members of Besa have reported firearms shootings in Aračinovo

Skopje/Bitola, 9 October, 2017 - 14:20 (META) 

Besa activists have reported to the police that while they were hanging posters in Aračinovo, a golf vehicle stopped nearby and an unknown person has fired a single shot from a gun and has left in an unknown direction.

The activists, as was reported by MoI, have found a capsule that was transferred at a police station in Arachinovo.

MoI has reported that they have taken measures to find the attacker and to clear out the case completely.

Otherwise, MoI also informs that last night, 40 minutes past midnight, at the First of May boulevard in Bitola, a police patrol has intercepted three persons as they were spraying the election billboard of SDSM’s mayoral candidate.

For all of the three were lodged subpoenas.

Tomorrow the conference of the “Support without hate” project comes to an end

Skopje, 7 February, 2017 - 16:38 (META) 

The project “Support without hate” that was carried out by 10 young activists, journalists, and students, and was financed by the US Embassy in Albania will be finalized tomorrow at the press conference that will be held at the “GEM-club” starting at 14:00 pm.

During the press conference, the project’s activities will be presented such as the influence of social networks in hate speech prevention, as well as the presentation of the campaign for preventing violence at sports matches and video material presentation.

All activities regarding “Support without hate” were carried out during the period starting from September 2016 until February this year.

“Support without hate” is an initiative whose goal is to prevent the phenomenon of hate speech and violence among sports fans and how to deal with it.

The idea for this project came out from a workshop “Prevention of violent extremism” (PVE) that was organized at Drach in July last year and was organized by the Center for Cooperation and Mediation from Albania.

More information about this project can be found at the following Facebook page

Activist Pavle Bogoevski’s Court Hearing Postponed Until November 14

Skopje, 5 October, 2016 - 12:25 (META) 

The court hearing for the activist from the “Colourful Revolution” Pavle Bogoevski has been postponed to November 14 because the Prosecution’s proposal lacked the amount of material damage caused to the Ministry of Culture.

“The Prosecution’s proposal was not only politically motivated, it was a call for the persecution of all the people protesting, but it was disastrously ill-prepared and legally unsustainable. The prosecution had the nerve to start proceedings without previously calculating the damage. Today, their idea was to offer a representative from the Ministry of Culture, who should state the alleged damages. Meanwhile, the prosecution continues to ignore the real crime in the country”, said activist Bogoevski.

He added that he pleaded innocent at the hearing, and was part of a group Zvrlevski called a mob, but does not acknowledge any guilt.

Bogoevski’s lawyer, Saso Dukoski said that the defense of this case so far has prepared three witnesses who will help determine the true factual situation, as for today’s hearing, it was postponed so the prosecution could calculate the damage caused to the Ministry of Culture.  

The activist of the “Colourful Revolution” said the organization will continue to provide support to the Special Prosecutor’s Office, and yesterday’s failure to amend laws which the SPO have requested is direct form of violation of their authority.

During the Bogoevski’s hearing, many people gathered outside Basic Court Skopje 1 in support for Bogoevski.

We’ll not be intimidated by the detention of our fellow fighters, said citizens at the protest

Skopje, 28 April, 2016 - 21:45 (META) 

Several hundred of citizens today at 15:00 informally gathered to protest in front of the Special Prosecutor’s Office. Although the civil initiative “I protest” did not schedule a protest today, citizens spontaneously came to express their anger against President Ivanov’s decision to pardon politicians and their close associates.

The protest took place just in front of the premises of the SPO, and various citizens and activists spoke through a megaphone and expressed their reasons for protesting.

Activist Biljana Ginova said the motive for protests “Every day at 6″ is because of Ivanov’s decision to grant mass pardons, but the reason for the anger that everyone is  feeling is because of the injustices of this Government’s rule.

“The detention for our brothers and sisters has been extended from 8 to 30 days. Clearly, they want to intimidate us and they want us to stop coming out to protest, but by being on the street, we are a major factor in solving this crisis and we must continue”, said Ginova.

Misha Popovik from the Institute for Democracy (Societas Civilis) said that she is protesting against corruption because with corruption leads to poverty, and others will buy our country with our money.

“I protest” to me means a state of mind, rather than just, “Every day at 6”. One of our leaders was captured and taken into custody by the state and she doesn’t serve more than the citizens, but she also works in favor of their own interests”, said Popovic.

With chants “Freedom”, “This won’t just pass” after nearly two hours, the gathering ended peacefully in front of the SPP.

protest 3 protest 6 protest

Civil society organizations launch campaign “We deserve better”

Skopje, 31 October, 2015 - 14:24 (META) 

Civil Rights Activists and NGOs at noon today started the campaign “We deserve better.” At the stand, placed in front of Mother Teresa’s memorial house, the activists handed out leaflets that explained why the citizens should always ask for more. Activist Nikola Pisarev said that they believe in the capability of society and the minds of citizens. “We deserve better,” a civil action in which we, the citizens talk about our daily problems and our urgent need for a better life. With our actions we will fill the gap which was created between the activities of politicians, the Przhino Agreement and actual real requirements of daily life of citizens. We citizens have the right to loudly and publicly talk about politics, because our lives are everyday politics. Our voice is important every day, not just during the elections”, said Pisarev.

He added that the government should answer any and all questions for the needs of the citizens regardless of whether they support it or not.

“We deserve more than a piece of bread, an honest government, to vote without fear. We deserve hospitals will treat us, not infect us, we deserve decent schools for our children, clean air and these are the things you should ask for. Not to be reconciled with the fact that any worse and that could be worse. You have to ask what our citizens as follows – said Pisarev.

At the same time, this same action began in Stip. Activist Goran Trajkov announced that it will discuss with citizens about their real needs. In addition, they want to fill the gap created by the activities of politicians.

“Politicians have forgotten about the citizens and their problems, and the need to continually seek solutions for civil problems”, Traikov said.

The action will be based on field interviews, and direct communication with citizens, and will be conducted by more than 200 civil society activists from 70 civil society organizations in 30 major towns in Macedonia.

Deralla: I feel violated

Skopje, 8 June, 2015 - 16:45 (META) 

None of the tapped activists who today got folders with wiretapped conversations by the leader of the opposition was surprised that their phone numbers are found on wiretapping list. They say that feeling when you know that someone else has a part of your private life is extremely uncomfortable and announced criminal charges of those who tapped them.

Bojan Marichik – Macedonian Center for European Training:

This is extremely uncomfortable feeling. I must admit I’m not surprised at all. I still haven’t heard the conversations and I do not know whether they are authentic. Tapping civil society organizations only shows the dictatorial treatment of the government towards civil society organizations. The general idea is to instigate legal proceedings which would even end up to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg along with the other NGOs.

Xhabir Deralla – “Civil”:

For many years I knew that I was bugged, to say frankly, I feel angry and disappointed, I feel violated. But when such a Government wiretaps you, it means that you are on the right track. And I want to thank them for listening. All the time while we thought they didn’t care about our advice and our work, they listened and recorded us. In coordination with my colleagues, we will use all legal measures.

Violeta Gligoroska – Foundation Open Society Institute “Macedonia”:

The conversations I was given, as I managed to see so far, are authentic. All of them. They are recorded conversations with journalists who applied for some research projects. I have conversations with Jadranka Kostovska, Mladen Chadikovski, Biljana Sekulovska and others.

Bardhyl Jashari – Foundation for Internet and Society “Metamorphosis”:

I’m not surprised, but the feeling is similar to when you lose something valuable, but you don’t give up, you are still looking and hope to find it, until the moment you find out that it is irretrievably lost… Well, such is the feeling when you will receive confirmation that your privacy is lost.

Torched vehicles in Bitola were owned by an activist of SDSM and of a Greek citizen

Битола, 16 April, 2015 - 11:25 (META) 

Bitola citizen Jasmina Kochevska, activist SDSM and owner of “Opel” that was torched last night, stated for META that she is extremely upset by the incident, especially since her car was torched just five minutes after her son had parked it in front of the building, near the Technical school.
Kochevska’s son returned home around 2:30 am and when he opened the front door of the apartment, he heard a loud explosion and four others followed immediately thereafter. He came down in front of the building and saw that his car was on fire.
– As in a movie, flames were roaring from our car. It was moved four feet from where it was parked due to the explosion. The fire spread and engulfed a car of a Greek citizen. We were lucky, because the car was burning just a few minutes after my son parked it. Horror – says Kochevska for META.
She suspects that this incident has a political background. But still, she leaves it to be proven the investigation. She claims that they had no threats, neither she nor her son.
Kochevska says for herself that she is as a longtime member of SDSM and outspoken critic of the government. As a supporter of the opposition, after this government assumed its position, she lost her job after 15 years in education.
– I am an activist of SDSM and part of the local structures of the party. I lost my job when the government took the helm of the state. I struggled to survive for years, I was laid off from work although I had a decision for permanent employment – says Kochevska.
As a collateral damage, a vehicle Greek who stayed in Bitola was also burned. His “Mazda” is also completely damaged.
This week, four cars in Bitola were torched for only three days.
Bitola Marjan Jovanovski, whose car was torched on Monday, claimed that the case was politically motivated because he was an activist of the opposition SDSM and sharp critic of the government on the social networks.