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SSNM: 45% of Macedonian journalists receive a salary lower than the national average

Skopje, 31 August, 2017 - 16:05 (META) 

Almost 45% of Macedonian journalists receive a salary lower than the national average, which is 22.808 denars.

This was shown by a new survey by the Independent Union of Journalists and Media Workers (SSNM) conducted in July and August this year, using the online service “Survey Monkey”.

The survey also showed that 85% of the people who work in the media business in Macedonia don’t earn more than 500 euros.

SSNM said that “the dramatic situation, among other things, is a result of decades of agony in the media. VMRO-DPMNE’s former ruling headquarters either controlled or attacked them with all their available funds”.

The survey showed that every fifth employee in the media can be fired at any time, and generally, approximately 54% of media workers do not have full time employment contract.

The survey which was conducted by SSNM reveals the big difference between journalist and editor salary, especially in television. The journalists’ salary varies around the average, between 19,000 and 24,000 denars, while editor salary varies from 40,000 to 50,000 denars, with the exception of the editor-in-chief who receives up to 120,000 denars.