SPO suspects Pancevski of allocating court cases and releasing official secrets

Skopje, 5 October, 2017 - 20:02 (META) 

Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva with investigators from the Ministry of Internal Affairs today searched the office of judge Vladimir Pancevski, against whom, according to Janeva, the SPO is conducting a pre-trial procedure due to abuses of the system for the allocation of court cases and for disclosing official secrets.

The SPO’s search in the Criminal Court started around noon and lasted five hours, and beside Pancevski’s office, searches were carried out in his home and two computer experts employed in the court.

During the search, Pancevski’s personal computer was seized.
Janeva suspects that Pancevski appointed judges to receive cases from the SPO, and there are doubts that he has given official secrets to persons outside the court.

Otherwise, Pancevski is the former president of the Criminal Court in Skopje, and his four-year term of office expired at the beginning of December last year.

Today, in the Criminal Court there was also the Commission from the Ministry of Justice, which should determine whether there were abuses with the automated system for the distribution of cases.