Siyarto: We want EU in February to set a date for starting the negotiations with Macedonia

Skopje, 18 December, 2017 - 14:05 (META) 

The next NATO summitt is unthinkable without the issue of expansion, and we want the EU to set a date in February about starting the negoations with Macedonia, said today the Minister of Foreign PAffairs and Trade of Hungary, Peter Siyarto during the joint press conference with the Head of the Macedonian diplomacy.

-Hungary will continue to provide its support to Macedonia and the countries of Western Balkans and it knows the difference. We know the difference between a calm situation in the region and its opposite. We want this region to be peaceful, we want the Western Balkans to be a source and an asset for a further European development, instead of risk for Europe. The conditions int he Western Balkans can be surpassed with its integration in EU and NATO. We know that Macedonia and the Macedonian nation have already done a lot in order to integrate into EU and NATO and Hungary remains its outspoken supporter for the efforts for Macedonia’s integration into EU and NATO. We would like the enlargement to be a part of the daily agenda on the next NATO summit, said Siyarto.

Dimitrov expressed his gratitude for Hungary’s support for Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic integrations and stressed that the new government in a very short time has managed to improve the quality of the relations with the international partners, especially with the member countries of the EU.

-It took a very short time to breathe new quality into the relations with the EU. I introduced the minister with our good neighborly policy and our investment in the good relations with the neighbors. We are determined to do everything we can not to miss the next train to Europe that is opening up in 2018, said Dimitrov.