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Sela: The attack on me was a political assassination attempt

Tetovo, 22 May, 2017 - 15:07 (META) 

On the 27th of April, an assassination was attempted on the political demands and political needs of the Albanians in Macedonia, said today the leader of the Albanian Alliance, Zijadin Sela, during his first appearance in public after he was injured during the attack on the Parliament.

“To a certain degree, they did manage to hurt us, but we came back, we reincarnated ourselves into something much stronger and more united on the political scene. I don’t know the people who attacked me. It was a political assault and someone else will take care of the legal matters”, said Sela.

When asked by a journalist about the course of the negotiations with SDSM for forming a new government, Sela said that they are in constant communication and what matters to them is “new governance.”