Russian embassy: Deliberately or not, Zoran Zaev is misinformed

Skopje, 16 April, 2018 - 18:55 (META) 

The Russian Embassy in Skopje on their Twitter account reacted to the statement made by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in an interview with “Television 24”, where he says that “the expelled Russian diplomat had behaved inappropriately in Macedonia and was warned several times, but continued to act and that the evidence was presented to the Russian Embassy.”

The embassy said Zaev was wrongly informed and the expulsion of their diplomat was a surprise.

“Deliberately or not, Zoran Zaev is misinformed. The expulsion of our diplomat was a surprise. We have never received any warnings or “evidence” which the Prime Minister speaks of. We continue to believe that this act is unfounded and has inflicted damage on Russian-Macedonian relations,” wrote the Russian Embassy in Skopje.


The Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expelled the Russian diplomat on March 26, and Minister Nikola Dimitrov said the expulsion was made in coordination with Western allies and as an act of solidarity with Britain over the poisoning of a former spy.