PPO requests the detention to be extended for Chavkov, Ilievski, Damovski and Durlovski

Skopje, 26 December, 2017 - 17:52 (META) 

The Public Prosecutor’s Office for Prosecuting Organized Crime and Corruption requested that the Criminal Court extend the detention of suspects connected to the violence in the Parliament on April 27th..

“The Public Prosecutor’s Office for the Prosecution of Organized Crime and Corruption submitted to the competent Basic Court Skopje 1 a proposal for the continuation of the pronounced detention measure for the persons suspected of the matter that you are asking”, was the Prosecution’s answer to Meta’s question whether the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office will require or has already requested the extension for the paperwork of custody and house arrest.

The prosecution announced that on November 28th they launched an investigation against 36 people for the violence in the Parliament building, who are being charged with being a terrorist threat to the constitutional order and security of the country.

Among the detainees are former Interior Minister and Director of the Public Security Bureau, Mitko Chavkov, leaders of the “For a United Macedonia” protests, Bogdan Ilievski, Igor Durlovski and Boris Damovski, as well as the well known actor, Vlado Jovanovski, whose detention expires on December 28th.