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Out of 52 reported cases of attacks on journalists, five cases were transferred to OJO and five are on trial

Skopje, 13 November, 2017 - 20:44 (META) 

Only 10 out of 52 cases of attacks on journalists were completely investigated and 5 of them were transferred at the Basic Public Prosecution, and five were ruled as minor offenses at court.

This information was sent by MoI to the Association of Journalists (ZNM) after the Association has demanded an answer how many cases of attacks on journalists they have registered, in how many they have acted upon and how many were handed over to OJO i.e. the court, said the executive director of ZNM, Dragan Sekulovski.

-We still haven’t received an information officially whether there are any current cases led by OJO for hate speech against journalists.ZNM has asked several times during this period for actions against persons that have threatened journalists on social media networks and online media, but OJO has declined on the first and second degree. Such overview hasn’t been prepared or if it was we haven’t been informed about it – said Sekulovski.