MOI have taken measures to clarify the attack on Todor Petrov

Skopje, 28 February, 2016 - 18:03 (META) 

Todor Petrov, the President of the World Macedonian Congress was hospitalized and is now being kept at the Accident & Emergency Centre, announced the Ministry of Interior.

A statement from the Interior Ministry says that Petrov was physically attacked in the catering facility “Kasablanca” in Skopje by several people.

“After talking with the injured party, we have received initial information that he went to the catering facility around 12:30 with other people to have lunch. However, shortly after their arrival, according to Todorov Petrov’s testimony, several people including someone with the initials B.A. Began to insult him and threaten him about the public meeting in Butel previously held in Butel, and then physically attacked him. The, according to the testimony of T.P., someone with the initials I.M came into the facility and addressed the attackers, after which they fled the building. The injured party was taken to the Accident & Emergency Centre via ambulance, where due to the nature of his injuries was hospitalized”, said the statement by the Ministry of Interior.

The Interior Ministry in consultation with the Attorney General has undertaken intensive measures and activities to fully clarify the events which took place and discover the identity of the people involved. After statements came out from the largest two parties, the VMRO-DPMNE and the SDSM accusing each-other of the incident, they both strongly condemned the act of violent attack.

Officials from the DUI party gathered in the streets of Cair today protesting the construction of the cross. Artan Grubi, the Head of Ali Ahmeti’s Cabinet said that this project endangers the co-existence between the two ethnic groups in the country, and announced that the DUI councilors from the Municipality of Butel would fight until the end to prevent the construction of the cross.