Miloshoski: Zaev wants to make a parallel Parliament and to stage a coup

Skopje, 27 April, 2017 - 17:10 (META) 

Starting from today, Zaev is the first and only who has called publicly for the destruction of the parliamentary and constitutional order and to perform a coup with a parallel Parliament and a parallel president of the Parliament, said VMRO-DPMNE’s MP, Antonio Miloshoski at a press conference at the parliament. His press conference occurred as soon as the SDSM party leader’s press conference had ended, during which Zaev said that it is time for the parliamentary majority to take responsibility in its own hands.

-Zaev is ready to silence the MPs for the purpose of placing the one MP that was silent at the Parliament to be elected as its president. Without a feel for a statehood and sanity, he is calling for forming parallel institutions and by doing that is devolving the Parliament, the Constitution, the laws and the democracy. That is a call for tensions, conflict and a coup. Such calls for a conflict can cause great damage and can have long-term consequences on Macedonia’s stability – said Miloshoski.

According to VMRO-DPMNE’s MP, Zaev’s modus operandi is “acting as a political desperate that is looking upon the crisis as his own last political chance.”

Milosheski stressed that a president of the Parliament can be elected only in the Parliament and not anywhere else and that any other effort for electing a president is creating parallel institutions.