Kukan hopes for a significant reversal of the crisis in Macedonia and the Balkans

Brussels, 21 April, 2017 - 10:49 (META) 

The MEP Eduard Kukan, a rapporteur for Macedonia in the European Parliament, in an interview for the European Western Balkans said that in the upcoming months he expects a significant reversal in the political situation in Macedonia and other Balkan countries where there is a trend of blockades and boycotts of key institutions.

“We are facing serious political crises in Macedonia and Albania. Other countries in the region, for instance, Montenegro and Kosovo, are struggling with parliamentary boycotts. This seems to be a regional trend, which is counter-productive to the democratic development in the countries at the European doorstep. I hope the upcoming months will see a significant reversal in this trend. It is, after all, the first Copenhagen criterion and the most fundamental one”, said Kukan.

In the interview, Kukan talks about the perspectives of the European Union, the politics of enlargement and the situations in countries in the Western Balkans – candidates for membership to the European Union.