Kotsias: Skopje to publicly reveal what is the adjective used for the composite name

Athens, 6 February, 2018 - 13:36 (META) 

We expect that Skopje should finally publicly reveal what will be the adjective in the composite name and it should explain that to its citizens, said Nikos Kotsias, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, in an interview for “Euro news” published in Greek language.

He claims that Athens is preparing the terrain for the Greeks to accept the composite name and comments that the other side isn’t doing the same.

-The Greek government took over the responsibility to publicly claim that it wants a change of the name and that this name should be composite for all uses containing a strict indication and we revealed publicly that in this name the term Macedonia will be included. We have done our job. We are still waiting for Skopje to come out and to publicly reveal this composite name that will be used as an adjective in front of the noun and to describe all of that to their nation. We are preparing the public opinion and certainly, as you can see, it has its own difficulties. I don’t see the other side making the same preparation, and these occurrences from today, while we are doing this interview, is what worries me – said Kotsias.

Regarding the entry and the composite name, Kotsias explains that the Greek government prefers the adjectives that have a “Slavic nuance in their phonetics.”