Instead of Edi Rama, the Macedonians in Albania are in coalition with Ilir Meta

Tirana, 2 May, 2017 - 11:18 (META) 

The Executive Committee of the Macedonian Alliance for a European Integration in Albania (KAEI) has made a decision to enter into a coalition with Ilir Meta’s Movement for a Socialist Integration at the next parliamentary elections in Albania, that will be held on the 18th of June.

When Ilir Meta gave up the party’s leadership position, after the election of a president of the Republic of Albania, now the Movement for a Socialist Integration is led by Petrit Vasili.

So far, MAEI was in a coalition with the Socialist Party, led by Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Vasil Sterjovski, a general secretary of MAEI, at a joint MPs list at the Parliament of the Republic of Albania, shall be a candidate at the election poll for Korcha, said the newspaper published in Macedonian language “Ilinden” on its website.