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Hoyt Yee: The USA will continue to support Macedonia’s progress

Washington, 18 May, 2017 - 10:59 (META) 

We will work with the new Speaker of Parliament by supporting democracy and progress towards Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic path, said Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affair, Hoyt Brian Yee.

In his speech before the Subcommittee of Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives, he said it was necessary that Macedonian authorities fully investigate the attacks on MPs on April the 27th, and those responsible be brought to justice.

“Ethnic tensions in the Balkans are once again on the rise. The recent violence in Macedonia emphasizes the seriousness of their political problems”, said Yee, adding that nationalism in the region is growing and that these issues must be treated appropriately because they pose a threat to US interests in Europe.

Chairman of the Subcommittee, Dana Rohrabacher asked Yee to explain the situation in Macedonia and to respond to the allegations of alleged interference by US Ambassador Jess Baily and George Soros’ Open Society Foundation in the elections. Yee rejected the accusations, and stressed that Macedonia wants to join NATO and the EU.

“We, as partners, are helping them reach the standards necessary to achieve that goal. When we defend the rule of law, an independent judiciary, human rights, it is not always popular for the government”, said Yee.