EU’s Commissioner for Enlargement, Johannes Hahn gave an interview for MIA where he stated that if the referendum is unsuccessful, if there is no agreement with Greece, Macedonia will be blocked, there is a risk of isolation that will definitely slow the country’s economic and social development.

“We are working towards the country to become a full-fledged member of the EU, but it is not about the EU membership but the improvement of the living conditions for the citizens, to have a perspective for remaining in the country and for the people not to leave the country. A single country in the 21 century should not be dependent on remittances. The idea is to create something more if there is a European perspective, membership and that will attract international companies, companies that will create jobs if there are more industries in the country that will have an effect on small and medium-sized enterprises since they are suppliers and all together will have a stimulating effect on the economy. If the economy is internationally oriented it will have an effect on the quality of the rule of law, the judiciary independence and in the end, I think it is something that people want” said Hahn who will visit Macedonia on Monday.

He also said that “he understands when no one is pleased both in your country and in Greece, but it should be re-thought about what it means to be a part of the EU and what are the consequences if that is not possible.”

“If this opportunity is missed, I’m very sure that the door will be closed for decades if not for good. One should be cautious in politics, but in the foreseeable future, it will be closed and that will be damaging for the citizens in the country” said Hahn.