Bitola citizen Jasmina Kochevska, activist SDSM and owner of “Opel” that was torched last night, stated for META that she is extremely upset by the incident, especially since her car was torched just five minutes after her son had parked it in front of the building, near the Technical school.
Kochevska’s son returned home around 2:30 am and when he opened the front door of the apartment, he heard a loud explosion and four others followed immediately thereafter. He came down in front of the building and saw that his car was on fire.
– As in a movie, flames were roaring from our car. It was moved four feet from where it was parked due to the explosion. The fire spread and engulfed a car of a Greek citizen. We were lucky, because the car was burning just a few minutes after my son parked it. Horror – says Kochevska for META.
She suspects that this incident has a political background. But still, she leaves it to be proven the investigation. She claims that they had no threats, neither she nor her son.
Kochevska says for herself that she is as a longtime member of SDSM and outspoken critic of the government. As a supporter of the opposition, after this government assumed its position, she lost her job after 15 years in education.
– I am an activist of SDSM and part of the local structures of the party. I lost my job when the government took the helm of the state. I struggled to survive for years, I was laid off from work although I had a decision for permanent employment – says Kochevska.
As a collateral damage, a vehicle Greek who stayed in Bitola was also burned. His “Mazda” is also completely damaged.
This week, four cars in Bitola were torched for only three days.
Bitola Marjan Jovanovski, whose car was torched on Monday, claimed that the case was politically motivated because he was an activist of the opposition SDSM and sharp critic of the government on the social networks.