Ivica Dačić: Serbia made a mistake by recognizing Macedonia under its constitutional name

Belgrade, 2 January, 2017 - 15:10 (META) 

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić  said that Serbia was wrong to recognize Macedonia under its constitutional name since Macedonia recognized Kosovo, and supported its membership in UNESCO.

“Serbia made a huge mistake. The whole of Europe and the world uses the name, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and we hit back at our fellow Greeks and now expect Greece not to recognize Kosovo, and when we recognized Macedonia, we offended the Greeks, and they (the Macedonians) always vote for Kosovo . I must say we are fools”, said FM Ivica Dačić.

He added that Belgrade’s bilateral relations with Skopje will continue to use the constitutional name of Macedonia but multilaterally will use the name used in the EU and the United Nations – FYROM.

He added that it was not revenge, but responsible state and national politics.

“Serbia is not a toy for everyone to play with. We do not allow anyone to humiliate us. If someone does not care about our churches and monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija, which were burned and destroyed, and if that’s not enough for someone regarding the issue of UNESCO, then I have to ask the question of the essence of our relationship”, added Dačić .