Chavkov: We advertised now, because we will not be able to during elections

Skopje, 15 July, 2016 - 17:35 (META) 

The advertisement for the recruitment of 600 new police officers for the MOI is intended to strengthen the capacity of the ministry, to balance the number of new officers with those retiring and to fulfill the European average of police numbers, said today the Minister of Interior, Mitko Chavkov at a press conference.

According to the Minister, the number of 600 police officers was announced for recruitment because it is based on a strategy for the development and management of human resources at the Ministry of Interior and also for current threats to the security of the country and the region.

When the MOI was asked why they announced the recruitment during the negotiations in Pržino and before the elections, Minister Chavkov said that the process in Pržino and the work of the Ministry of Interior should not be confused or mixed.