Bushati: Albania is not interfering in the possible coalitions in Macedonia

Tirana, 10 January, 2017 - 19:01 (META) 

The chief of the Albanian diplomacy, Ditmir Bushati yesterday gave a statement that official Tirana had no part in the possible government coalitions in Macedonia, as was confirmed by “Meta’s” correspondent in Tirana.

Bushati stressed that Albania is not interfering in the internal affairs of a neighbouring country, nor have they exerted any influence over possible coalitions and added that Albania will support any process that will secure the democracy and the stability of Macedonia.

“Equality, freedom, and democracy are the three basic elements of the Ohrid Agreement, and they still haven’t been implemented completely. This is why this is a golden opportunity for the Albanian political factor. They can unite and accomplish a progress regarding this issue”,  said Bushati.

He stressed that for the first time after the signing of the Ohrid Agreement, the Albanian parties in Macedonia have surpassed their ideological differences and have stood up behind a joint platform.