Zaev: Polls are organized for 10 persons who would be the most suitable presidential candidate of all

Skopje SDSM’s Central Board will take place on Friday and the debate about a consensual candidate is underway, replied today the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev when asked about the name of the consensual president at the press conference about the projects…

Government sends the Law on Languages to the Venice Commission

Skopje The Government has sent the full content of the Law on the Use of Languages to the Venice Commission, together with the alternative text of Article 8, which is not an integral part of the Law, because, as the Government says, an issue surrounding its compliance with the Constitution was raised. The government reports that a letter, sent to President…

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Szijjártó: The Hungarian government cannot influence the Immigration service because it granted asylum to Gruevski


The Immigration and statehood service is an independent state organ and the Hungarian government cannot influence its decisions. The former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski has passed the asylum procedure and the Immigration service has decided to issue a positive ›

Zaev i Cipras potpisuvanje na Dogovor Prespa3

Maslov: Russia doesn’t oppose Macedonia’s new name, it opposes NATO membership


Russia doesn’t oppose the Prespa Agreement regarding the name but it opposes Macedonia’s membership into NATO, said Russian Ambassador to Greece, Andrej Maslov during a briefing in Athens regarding the visit of the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras in Moscow.›


World Bank projections contradict Governments wishes that 2019 will be an economic year


The World Bank in its latest report in January predicts growth in the domestic gross domestic product (GDP) in Macedonia at 2.9 percent in 2019, which is a sign that it will be difficult to achieve the government’s announcement that ›

„Исцелител“, Благој Веселинов и Атанас Тановски

Gjorche Stavrevski’s movie “The Secret Ingredient” is Macedonia’s nominee for an Oscar award


The movie “The Secret Ingredient” directed by Gjorche Stavreski, will be the national candidate from Macedonia to run for the Oscar award for a Best Foreign Language Film for the year 2019, announced today Macedonia’s Film Workers’ Association.

The decision, ›