The MPs are far from an agreement and the session continues tomorrow at noon

Skopje The Constitutive session of the Parliament at which there is a discussion for an election of a president, deputy president, members and their deputies of the Commission of elections and appointment issues will continue tomorrow at noon. SDSM’s MP, Oliver Spasovski asked the session to continue even after 18h, but Veljanoski didn’t allow for the session to continue and has…

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Конститутивна седница Собрание

One, two, three, ten or hundred proposals for a new speaker at tomorrow’s session at the Parliament


Tomorrow, the parliamentary political parties, after three months of break and negotiations, will continue the constitutive session of the Parliament that started on the 30th of December last year, and it was postponed because the parties didn’t have a parliamentary ›

mogerini 3

Mogherini: The situation in the Western Balkans is tense and a more convincing support from the EU is needed


The situation in the Western Balkans is tense with challenges on an internal, regional and global plan, and what is necessary is a strong and convincing support from the European Union for the integration of that region, said today in ›

SJO pres, Katica Janeva, Lence Ristoska, Fatime Fetai

SPO: Four new investigations have been launched for tax evasion and abuse of public office


At the press conference today, the Special Prosecutor’s Office announced that it has launched four new investigations, code-named “Table”, “Three Hundred,” “Total” and “Tifany” that involve four individuals.

Prosecutor Fatime Fetai said that “Table” is a code-name for a case ›

rade serbedzija

Rade Šerbedžija arrives tomorrow for the “Manaki Brothers” International Film Festival


Bitola is putting the final touches to tomorrow’s opening ceremony for the 37th International Cinematographers Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”, otherwise known as the Manaki Brothers International Film Festival.

Tomorrow, in front of Bitola’s Cultural Centre, a red carpet will be ›