25 lost years for the same result

Skopje Recent months have witnessed much debate over the term North Macedonia as a compromise solution for the name dispute after the signing of the agreement with Greece. The proposal, however, is not new. It is not even the first proposed. Featured on the front page of the “Nova Makedonija” newspaper, was a facsimile dated March 7, 1993, with the headline…

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AVMU: Polls will be published until Monday, September 24, and silence from Friday, September 28


The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services has reminded broadcasters that results of public opinion polls regarding the referendum may be published no later than five days before the day of the referendum. Therefore, results of opinion polls can ›

Alb media Java

Fake “Forbes” website deceives Albanians on 10 richest citizens


Today, a large number of online media published news, attributed to Forbes Magazine listing the 10 richest Albanians.  However, when the Forbes Magazine online opens, there are no Albanians among the 100 richest in the world, and there is no ›

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In the EU we will be among the poorest, most unemployed and with the shortest life expectancy


All previous public opinion polls show that the majority of Macedonian citizens support Macedonia’s membership in the European Union, and among the fundamental expectations of EU integration is the reduction of unemployment and poverty and improvement of the quality of ›

„Исцелител“, Благој Веселинов и Атанас Тановски

Gjorche Stavrevski’s movie “The Secret Ingredient” is Macedonia’s nominee for an Oscar award


The movie “The Secret Ingredient” directed by Gjorche Stavreski, will be the national candidate from Macedonia to run for the Oscar award for a Best Foreign Language Film for the year 2019, announced today Macedonia’s Film Workers’ Association.

The decision, ›